What should you spend on your children’s education? – Expatriate in Indonesia

Few of us have unlimited funds to provide the most elite level of school education with all the bells and whistles to make our children feel like kings and queens of the universe!

There is certainly an argument that all the extra money spent does not always lead to an equivalent increase in learning performance now or wealth or happiness in the future. Nor does the extra money necessarily lead to the development of good values ​​or respect for others!

On the other hand, some families underestimate the importance of international standards and send their children to a cheaper school that can use the right terminology but fails to provide a true international experience. Quality education in global languages ​​such as English and Mandarin is essential – alongside 21st century skills such as analytical thinking and familiarity with emerging technologies that will boost business and business opportunities. use. Do teachers in cheaper schools have the fluidity and confidence to really pull this off?

This is the context of the relaunch of SIS South Jakarta. It is a school of Lebak Bulus / Cilandak which has been preparing students for international standards for 25 years and has seen dozens of students graduate from local and overseas universities, creating a huge alumni base. The relaunch is about a new focus on better value from education – with a focus on a stronger ESOL curriculum so students with limited English can quickly improve their skills, a robotics and virtual reality center at the school-wide and a whole new space for our specialized program in Islamic studies (as well as parallel programs for other religions and those with no religion).

SIS South Jakarta
SIS South Jakarta

The brand new pricing structure makes SIS South Jakarta affordable for many more local and mixed nationality families than before. It now corresponds to the highly successful SIS Kelapa Gading – the main school in Northeast Jakarta. SIS Kelapa Gading has seen a large proportion of students achieve high-level results in the IB Diploma and dozens go on to the top 200 universities in the world, many with scholarships and all with standard English native speaker and strong Mandarin or Hindi skills which helps them interact with foreigners with confidence.

SIS Kelapa Gading and SIS South Jakarta are good value schools with enough expatriate teachers (60%) to ensure a high level of English and create a true English immersion environment while maintaining a strong presence of local teachers to facilitate communication with parents, local curriculum elements such as PPKn and l teaching of local values ​​and religions.

SIS Kelapa Gading
SIS Kelapa Gading

By using good value fee systems, students can now stay ahead of the game in terms of confidence and preparation for their future – sometimes for only 15-20% more than schools that don’t really offer a true international experience.

So don’t waste your money on fancy extras of limited value, but remember that you’re getting the quality you pay for when it comes to teachers and teachers inspire!

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