VOX Gibraltar News – Changes to the hospital’s COVID-19 swabbing procedure for staff and visitors


Changes to COVID-19 Hospital Swab Procedure for Staff and Visitors

GHA’s COVID-19 operational status has been raised to orange, with the operational threat level increased to moderate. This should not have a significant operational impact for patients.

Outpatient activities and priority and urgent surgeries, interventions, screenings and investigations will continue as normal.

Due to the prevalence and community transmission of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in Gibraltar, the GHA has changed the testing procedure for staff and visitors at St Bernard’s Hospital.

Visitors to departments should undergo a lateral flow test in the department upon arrival. Visitors do not have to go to Mid Town Drive Through for a test in order to visit the hospital. Visitors for short periods (less than an hour) will NOT need a lateral flow test on the day of the visit.

All visitors to any department for any period must provide proof of vaccination (first 2 doses and 14 days after 3rd dose / booster) and are required to wear a mask and apron for the duration of the visit. visit.

Patients presenting for an outpatient or general practitioner appointment do not require a lateral flow test but must wear a mask and apron for the appointment. With some exceptions, patients presenting for an outpatient or general practitioner appointment must come alone for the appointment.

Health Minister the Honorable Samantha Sacramento said: “Internal testing alleviates the strain this measure would have on the Mid-Town test center and optimizes the use of staff time while safeguarding patient well-being.


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