Vaccination procedure for people aged 16 and 17

Regarding the vaccination of people aged 16 and 17, the Ministry of Health notes the following details on the procedure to be followed by beneficiaries:

1. Parents / legal guardians, as well as children’s personal physicians, can make an appointment for the minor through the vaccination portal by selecting the Pfiser / BioNTech vaccine, which is currently the only vaccine approved by the European Agency for drugs for administration to persons under 18 years of age. years.

2. When visiting Vaccination Centers for the administration of 1st dose of vaccine, minors must provide the following proofs:

Written consent document from parents / legal guardians for the vaccination of minors against COVID -19 signed by both parents / guardians, unless legally (with a relevant court ruling) this is not necessary. The Concent document must be given to the Vaccination Centers on arrival.

Document identifying the minor (eg identity card, passport, foreigner registration certificate, etc.).

• If the minor is accompanied by parents / guardians (or one of the two), they must present an identity document. The document must be presented to the managers of the vaccination center for identification.

3. When visiting the Vaccination Center for administration of the 2nd dose, minors must present an identity card or other official identification document to verify their data.

4. During the vaccination for the 1st and 2nd dose, the minor may be accompanied by an adult other than his parents / legal guardians. In this case, the health professionals at the Vaccination Center will contact the parent / legal guardian before the vaccination to confirm that the adult accompanying the child has been designated by the parent / legal guardian.

Strict compliance with the above is recommended in order to avoid any delay in the vaccination centers.

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