Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister distributes appointment letters to 6,696 teacher assistants

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday distributed appointment letters to 6,696 assistant teachers recruited from public schools against the vacancies of 69,000 assistant teachers, completing their long-awaited recruitment process.

“The appointment of new teachers will help provide quality education to students,” he said at the event held at Lok Bhavan in Lucknow. While congratulating the newly appointed assistant teachers, Yogi said the government and the basic education department completed the recruitment process with sincerity and fairness.

Sending a warning note to anyone who tends to taint the transparent recruitment process, the chief minister said the government has already released the prisons for all such unscrupulous elements.

Targeting previous state governments, the CM said, “The performance of basic schools in Uttar Pradesh is very high by national grading standards, but some people don’t like it. Before 2017, the buildings were in a dilapidated condition and if there were any buildings, these were without teachers.

“In addition, if there were teachers, there was a lack of students. The students did not have uniforms and the children went to school barefoot. The whole department was just dealing with transfers and assignments. Now when the process is transparent and the condition of public schools has improved to a large extent thanks to “Operation Kayakalp”, they don’t like it. The opposition cannot digest the fact that the children of the poor go to school and receive a quality education, ”he added.

“I am pleased to inform you that our government has completed 52 months of its mandate. During this period, our government has awarded government jobs to over 4.5 lakh of young people in Uttar Pradesh. And no one can ask questions about a single job. The recruitment process was carried out in a transparent manner, with sincerity and total integrity ”, declared the CM.

Speaking on the occasion, CM deputy Dinesh Sharma said that the standard of public schools had been raised by the current government. “Studying in a public school is no longer ‘sarcasm’. On the contrary, the schools now have good buildings, good arrangements, cheap books for which the credit goes to the Yogi government. There has been a big change in the education system, ”he said.

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