UP schools will reopen from July 1 for grades 1 to 8, only teachers and staff should come to the school

Uttar Pradesh schools under the Council of Basic Education, which were closed since March 20, will reopen on July 1 for grades 1-8 after 100 days of closure. However, students will not yet need to come to school, and only teachers and employees associated with Shikshamitra’s work will reach the school.

From July 1, schools in grades 1 through 8, operated by the Basic Education Council of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, will reopen, but students will only take online classes.

Children will not come to school until further notice

On behalf of the Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Council, detailed instructions have been given in this regard to the Basic Education Officer and the Divisional Deputy Director of Education of all districts.

It is clearly written in the issued instructions that schools will open from July 1, but children will not come to school until further notice.

As part of Mission Prerna, e-pathshala will be organized in which children will be taught through online courses.

Work to be done at school

In schools, the work of giving TC to children who passed class 8 in this session for admission to class 9, the work of transferring the monetary amount of midday meals and school dresses to the bank account of the children, the work of distributing free textbooks, etc. will be carried out.

However, in this regard, Dilip Pandey, the division president of the Basic Teachers Association, says summer vacation was just in name for them.

He said that during the summer break all the details of the children were filled in, the Panchayat elections were held during Covid-19 and now that schools are reopening online classes should be carried out while other On the other hand, the process of giving TC to other children who have passed grades 5 and 8 should also be completed.

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