UP: Basic teachers in Lakhimpur Kheri will get GPF declarations for the first time in decades!

For the first time in their decades of service, teachers at Lakhimpur Kheri Primary School, who are covered under the General Provident Fund (Uttar Pradesh) rules of 1985, would receive their annual statement of accounts from the GPF by June next year.

To ensure accuracy and transparency in the maintenance of the GPF, Rule 27 of the General Provident Fund (Uttar Pradesh) Rules, 1985, requires each accountant concerned to provide statements of subscribers’ GPF accounts within six months of the end of a financial year.

Despite the government’s strict provision, Kheri Basic Education Department Accounts Office has not provided GPF account statements to hundreds of its primary school teachers over the past decades. This leads to large scale discrepancies and malpractice in the final calculation and payment of the GPF when a teacher retires.

The perverse effects of a vague management of the GPF can be measured from the case of a teacher Rama Shankar Katiyar who retired on March 31, 2017 and was paid 14,02,215 as GPF.

Katiyar disagreed with the final payment and demanded a recalculation, but his appeal was ignored. Thus, he seized the tribunal de grande instance in 2019 following which his file was reopened and the same accounting department paid him the difference of 39,127.

Another teacher, Ram Chandra, retired on March 31, 2018 and received his GPF payment. He too challenged the settlement and was paid another 2,10,133 on November 28, 2018 as the GPF difference. Like him, another teacher Irshad Ali got a difference of 1,59,909 while Chandra Mohan Awasthi got a GPF difference of 97,103 after final GPF rules.

In view of these serious anomalies in the functioning of his office, the outgoing accountant Harikesh Bahadur Singh, who took office a few months ago, decided to restore the system to the rules of the art.

“Bookkeeping means accuracy and purity of numbers and figures and even a single rupee difference should not occur,” Singh said. “Most errors and omissions are due to manual calculations and poor record keeping,” he added.

“Shortly after I joined, I directed all accountants to computerize the GPF accounts of all eligible teachers numbering over 1000,” Singh said. “We have brought GPF accounts from four blocks in the district to the computerized system and work on the rest is in progress,” the officer added. Singh expressed confidence that the department would be able to provide annual GPF statements to all teachers by June next year.

Meanwhile, the district unit of the primary teachers’ union, which has long demanded statements from the GPF, welcomed the move. Manoj Shukla, his district secretary, said, “It will benefit teachers by receiving an accurate GPF upon retirement.”

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