Tomlin addresses the fight to end the practice, calling it “a teaching opportunity”

As training was about to end on Friday afternoon, a fight broke out on the pitch where several players gathered in a circle trying to break up. Two players found themselves on the ground and the scene capped an intense day at Latrobe on the third day of training camp.

Asked about the fight specifically during the post-workout press conference, Mike Tomlin seemed disinterested in delving into the details.

“You’ve been with me long enough to know that I won’t be answering questions about every skirmish that breaks out,” Tomlin said after practice, according to video of Jeff Hathhorn from The fan. “We are competing our tails. An environment like this is an opportunity to teach and learn, not just competitively but professionally, working to keep it professional. Once in a while it happens. None of us like it, but it’s a teaching opportunity. So this will be my answer whenever you ask me about a skirmish.

Tomlin was completely transparent about the situation that erupted on the football field on Friday afternoon, acknowledging the event happened and hoping it was a learning opportunity for all parties involved. When grown men go head-to-head day after day in a physical game like football, spirits can only soar. When left unchecked, these tempers tend to boil over, leading to fights, as Alex Kozora witnessed first-hand and tweeted at Latrobe.

The two main characters who appeared to be in the middle of the skirmish were DL Carlos Davis and OL Jake Dixon. Davis ran off the sideline and put Dixon on the ground, causing the breakout. Something must have gotten under Davis’s skin enough for him to charge up the pitch and push Dixon onto the turf, but even so, those actions aren’t requested by his teammates.

Tomlin acknowledges this but insists that the general public does not make it a bigger issue than it should. He called the rest of the team at the end of practice and probably solved the problem at hand, looking to end it on the spot rather than escalate it and turn a bad game into a bad one. a bad workout tomorrow.

Tomlin has established a culture in Pittsburgh where players understand what the standard is, and if they don’t meet that standard, they not only have to answer to him, but also to team leaders like Cam Heyward and TJ Watt. For Davis, Dixon and everyone else involved in the fight today, it will be an opportunity to learn and grow from what happened on the training ground and leave the rest in the past. . Ultimately, these guys are fighting to keep their jobs and trying to make the team, so fighting each other after the game is over won’t do much to boost their chances.

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