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Recent studies indicate that sport is the main reason for the spread of COVID among young people. We may have to eliminate team sports again, which are guaranteed to be unpopular.

School districts should have the flexibility to hire additional teachers, nurses, mentors, counselors, administrators, custodians, food services and other staff. More people will require more intensive supervision.

Teachers should be allowed to “take a break” when they need to relieve stress and pressure, even if it is only minutes away from the classroom. An exhausted and stressed teacher cannot be effective.

Evaluate the level of performance of each student. Not only at the start of the year, but frequently throughout the year. Educators cannot bring them back to the school level if they do not know precisely the learning levels of the students. Ensure that no negative consequences will be attributed to teachers or instructors in order to ensure accurate assessments.

Late students will need additional individual or group tutoring outside of class. Tutor groups should be kept small, say 2-4 students.

Principals and administrative staff must frequently monitor each classroom. There is no substitute for watching.

More advice is imperative. The Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics gathered studies from around the world and found clinically elevated depression in 25% of children and adolescents and anxiety in 20%. This is double the usual levels. Children don’t always know how to express their feelings. Therefore, asking them to complete open-ended statements such as “I feel _______” or “I need ______” can often prompt students to express their fears and concerns.

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