Today’s Best Stories – NBC 6 South Florida

It’s Friday December 17the – and NBC 6 has the best stories of the day.

# 1 – With so many people traveling abroad in the coming weeks during the holiday season, COVID-19 testing has now become a mandatory part of travel plans.

Currently, anyone traveling to the United States will be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test within one day of boarding. For those who need testing before local trips or family reunions, provides a list of the nearest test site and times.

# 2 – Schools in South Florida announced Thursday that there will be an increased law enforcement presence in the district in light of rising social media threats.

The district also referred to a widely circulated TikTok video threatening violence in schools on Friday, December 17. the statement read. A number of South Florida students have been arrested in recent weeks for allegedly making threats against public schools in the area.

# 3 – If professional sports leagues are the puck, COVID-19 is the stick, slapping them all over the place. Dozens of NHL, NBA and NFL players are currently on the sidelines because they have tested positive for the coronavirus.

“What is happening now over the past two years is unprecedented,” said Miami Herald sports columnist Greg Côté. The Florida Panthers currently have seven players with Covid. The Miami Dolphins also have five disabled players, and the Miami Heat’s Caleb Martin is sidelined. He tested positive immediately after the best game of his career.

# 4 – Each year our reporting partners at PolitFact determine which lie has had the most impact this year. They have been doing a “lie of the year” since 2009 and this year is the continued effort to play down the January 6th bombing on the United States Capitol.

PolitiFact readers have chosen former President Trump’s claim that he was re-elected in a landslide as the “lie of the year.” The editors of PolitiFact chose the lies downplaying the attack on the United States Capitol. The two stories work hand in hand as an attempt to stop America’s tradition of a peaceful transfer of power.

# 5 – The Food and Drug Administration permanently removed a major hurdle on Thursday for women seeking abortion pills, removing a long-standing requirement that they had to pick up drugs in person.

Millions of American women will now be able to obtain a prescription through an online consultation and receive the pills by mail. FDA officials said a scientific review supported expanding access, including no longer limiting distribution to a small number of specialty clinics and doctor’s offices. The effect will vary depending on the condition. More than a dozen Republican-led states have adopted measures that limit access to the pills, including banning delivery by mail.

# 6 – Students at Golden Glades Elementary School received holiday toys, thanks to the Jada Page Foundation.

Jada, 8, was killed in a drive-by shooting five years ago in northwest Miami-Dade. She was sitting on her father’s porch when they were injured. A bullet hit Jada in the back of the head and her father, who police said was the intended target, was shot in the chest and survived.

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