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Goroka University is keen to create quality human resources and partner in the nation’s development over the years at the Goroka Campus in the Eastern Highlands Province.

Among many others, Irafa Kono, who graduated with a Bachelor of Education this year, serves the residents of Unggai-Bena District at Rintebe Secondary School in the Eastern Highlands Province.

He said his task is to provide students with important practical skills and knowledge and to motivate them to become professionals and be successful in their learning.

Mr. Kono said that during his teaching career, his goal of teaching basic education is a pillar for teaching skills and knowledge to students.

“The aim of basic education is to teach skills and knowledge that are important in life and to ensure an equal educational basis for all,” he said.

“Other goals are to support the humanistic growth of students and their growth as ethically responsible members of society and to promote education and equality in society.

“One of my views is that students learn and retain information and skills better if they are actively involved in the learning process.
Mr Kono further explains that teachers should prepare for the lesson, think carefully about the content of the lesson, take intellectual risks and participate in class discussions.

“It is their responsibility to grapple with the issues and concepts explored in the course; it is your responsibility to support their active involvement in the subject. You don’t do it so much by providing answers as by asking great questions, ”he said.

“Professional development and constructive collaboration from teachers is cutting-edge quality teaching that always learns, from lectures, media, research studies and, perhaps more importantly, colleagues. “

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