Swainsboro Board Members Report Issues Affecting Government Procedures

SWAINSBORO, Georgia (WJBF) – Three members of Swainsboro City Council want to tackle what they call an unprofessional conversation at one of the recent meetings.

Mayor – “We have a motion and a second. “

What started as a Swainsboro City Council budget workshop on Zoom to discuss the budget and other issues on August 24, has quickly gone downhill.

Tip – “Second” “Not ready”
Mayor – “I’m going to ask you all to raise your hand because the sound is so bad.”
Advice – “Not ready!” “

It all started with technological problems that made listening difficult. Next, a discussion on how to tackle the rising number of COVIDs. A proposal from Councilor Rita Faulkner to issue a mask warrant for city employees and one to use CARES law money to issue a $ 2 risk premium. But there was hindsight.

District 2 Councilor Julian Sconyers said: “If we have a secretary sitting in the office who doesn’t come in contact with any member of the public, are you going to give him the same thing you give our police or fire department?” “

And then he took a left turn. The Zoom call ended abruptly. But not all of the representatives returned. So city administrator Al Lawson began to bring everyone together.

City administrator Ali Lawson said, “Hey Siri, call Julian Sconyers … you’re all going to have to click on the save link.”

“Hey, you don’t have a quorum at this point and we’re not sitting there listening to Parker. He and Rita planned it all, ”Sconyers said.

District 5 City Councilor John E. Parker said, “Sir, if I were you I would stay at the meeting because if you and Johnny Ray go out sir it’s still 3-2 and 3 would be the majority. so I stay at the meeting.

District 4, 5 and 6 council members say the problem started months ago when the District 1 councilor was removed from his post due to lack of attendance. This vacancy called into question the existence of 5 or 6 seats which determine the quorum. Mayor Pro Tem Bobbie Collins tells us that Councilors Julian Sconyers and Johnny Ray Stafford have made it even more difficult to get a quorum.

Pro Mayor Tem Bobbie Collins said, “Once they didn’t show up at all. The second time was August 24, they left. And on September 7, they left.

“We assumed that three was the simple majority of five,” said city councilor Rita Faulkner for District 6.

And presumably, Mayor Charles Schwabe thought so too. And with just three board members, the risk premium vote took place.

Mayor Charles Schwabe said: “My research tells me we don’t have a quorum and the meeting is going to end now. “

Then things went wrong.

“This is all a da ** monkey show,” Mayor Schwabe said.

As Collins, Parker, and Faulkner remain in front of the camera, the voices of Lawson and Mayor Schwabe can be heard off-camera, claiming the whole meeting was a monkey show and discussing their next steps.

“You know what Charles? You go home, tell them all to kiss you and get out of the race. And give it to them and I’ll give you my resignation tomorrow, ”City Administrator Lawson said.

We contacted city councilors Johnny Ray Stafford and Julian Sconyers as well as the city administrator and the mayor. No one was available to comment on this story. But we found out in the local newspaper on Wednesday that the mayor was ending his re-election campaign.

Councilor Parker said, “Right now we have five members on our council and three of them are African American. When we want to do something good, they have other ideas that are not formal. “

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