South Africa: education strengthens inmate rehabilitation

The Department of Corrections says education remains a key component of inmate rehabilitation in institutions.

This as 211 inmates prepare to take this year’s Senior National Certificate or the final grade 12 exams.

“Access to education remains the mainstay of rehabilitation and formal education ensures that offenders remain focused on their situation as they strive to make a fresh start.

“Education is seen as an essential component in the reconstruction, development and transformation of South African society. Therefore, formal education in DCS can not only meet the rehabilitation needs of inmates, but be seen as a tool that can radically transform our society and advance the development of the country, ”the department said.

The department operates at least 17 correctional schools that offer basic education in line with the national curriculum.

Those taking exams in correctional facilities have beaten the national pass average and have seen improved pass rates over the past two years.

The department said that while preparations for this year’s exams faced “challenges posed by COVID-19,” inmates are well prepared.

“DCS educators… organized extra support classes and went beyond the allotted hours in a workday to ensure that inmates were not only ready but getting the best possible results.

“By working with the Ministry of Basic Education, DCS can ensure another credible examination process, as all examination centers will be monitored in accordance with the rules governing examination procedures,” the ministry said.

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