Simplify Complex Procedures, Bizmen Tell Ppcb Officials | News Ludhiana

Ludhiana: A meeting of city industrialists and Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) officials was held at the office of the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Enterprises (CICU) on Friday. The main agenda of the meeting was to solve the problems encountered by the industrialists. The industrialists also suggested to the senior officers of the PPCB to remove the complex procedures for the proper functioning of the council.
Upkar Singh Ahuja, President of the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Enterprises (CICU) said, “The major problem currently facing the industry includes complex procedures for smaller PPCB clearances. In addition to this, very severe penalties even on small mistakes and infractions, not giving sufficient opportunity to businessmen to present their case are also some of the points that were discussed. We have the assurance of those in charge that all our requests and suggestions will be taken into account.
According to Pankaj Sharma, Secretary General of CICU, “We have asked the PPCB to organize sessions and campaigns to sensitize business people on the policies and procedures of the board and also keep us abreast of new changes. On behalf of CICU, we also proposed to PPCB that CICU help PPCB to reduce pollution by increasing forest cover by planting as many trees as possible, especially in industrial areas where they are most needed.
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