Simple procedure to get NOCs: LG tells fire department

Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena has ordered the Delhi Fire Service (DFS) to change its “archaic” pre-Diwali fire safety rules, including the procedure for obtaining a no-objection certificate, in a bid to to benefit owners of small businesses, restaurants and nursing homes, among other establishments in the Capital.

In a review meeting on Wednesday, LG also greenlighted 16 more fire stations and 130 fire tenders in the city.

“The Lieutenant Governor yesterday reviewed fire safety preparedness in the capital and issued specific instructions to DFS to streamline and simplify procedures for obtaining a Fire Compliance Notice without compromising safety parameters,” said said Raj Niwas.

“He stressed that for any regulation to succeed in its purpose, it must be made compliant, otherwise it just becomes a tool to harass ordinary people,” added Raj Niwas. The LG has called for revisions to the procedural guidelines to be put in place ahead of Diwali.

This was necessary so that owners of small eateries, eateries, nursing homes, showrooms and other establishments would not have to run from pillar to pillar to obtain fire permits, said Raj Niwas .

“LG has instructed officials to identify at least 50 fire accident prone locations and deploy fire tenders to those locations and integrate them with ambulance services to ensure a quick response. in an emergency,” said Raj Niwas.

Mr Saxena has led an increase in the number of fire stations in the city from the existing 64 to at least 80 and fire tenders to at least 350 from the current 220.

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