Senate Committee insists on staff audit to end education challenges

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Basic and Secondary Education, Senator Akon Eyakenyi, said the national personnel audit will help address the challenges of out-of-school children (OOSC) and other challenges facing the education sector. education is facing.

The Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) is expected to start a staff audit of all basic education institutions in the country in 2022.

Eyakenyi, who led a delegation overseeing the 2022 national staff audit at Government Boys Secondary School, Apo and Gaat International School, Gaduwa, said yesterday the committee had completed the South-South tour and was now in northern Nigeria.

She said the essence of the audit is to help planners collect information on the schools that “we have in Nigeria, the number of students, teachers to be able to know if the number of students and number of teachers in schools is either too many or too few”. so we can know what to do next.
“And also to look at the infrastructure. Some schools, when you visit, are students sitting on the floor and teachers standing to teach and mark.
“These are the questions we are looking into so that we know how to advise the government, the National Assembly in particular. This is why we are worried.
“This will enable the government to address some of the challenges facing the education sector.
“Ultimately, this will help us have proper data to also confirm the number of out-of-school children.”
Speaking further, she said the exercise covers both private and public schools and the focus is on primary and secondary schools.
“Apart from that, this exercise will also help officers to identify the number of teachers in each school, if it is proportional to the number of students. The quality of the teachers is also very important, apart from that, the most important thing is to make sure that these teachers are registered with the TRCN.

“Regarding children out of school, insecurity in the nation, children will not go to school, when they get there because of insecurity they are kidnapped and parents no longer want to send their children to school. school, this should increase the number of out-of-school children”.

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