SAEC is looking for an ABE / GED instructor for adults

The Salina Adult Education Center is looking for people to immediately fill an Adult Basic Education Instructor position. Instructors teach reading, writing, and math through algebra. Must be proficient in MS Office, Google Docs and be able to learn new software quickly. Ability to teach students on-site and remotely and work as part of an essential teaching team.

The open position is a full-time position which consists of a split morning/evening shift Monday-Thursday with occasional staff meetings on Friday mornings.


Declaration of Intent : The work of Instructor – Adult Basic Education/GED® is performed with the goal of facilitating adult student success in academics, workplace skills, and life skills through the implementation of a program approved by the program; document student progress/activities/results; meet the specific educational needs of each student; and provide a safe and optimal learning environment.

This position reports to the Director – Salina Adult Education Center

Essential functions

• Administers assessments for the purpose of assessing students’ entry level performance, planning instruction, documenting progress, and verifying achievement of results. (paper/pencil and computer assessments)

• Collaborates with school staff and various community organizations to improve the quality of student outcomes, develop solutions and plan curriculum.

• Models the methods needed to complete homework in order to provide an effective school program and meet the needs of each student.

• Leads students, volunteers, etc. with the aim of maximizing their effectiveness, meeting requirements and providing feedback.

• Facilitates the learning of adult students by identifying, documenting and accommodating special learning problems, with the aim of meeting the needs of each student.

• Implements defined curricula with the goal of improving student success in academics, workplace skills, and life skills.

• Uses appropriate English communication with the aim of developing students’ ability to communicate effectively using the English language.

• Monitors student behavior in an effort to ensure student safety and well-being, provide an optimal learning environment, and comply with district, KBOR, and program policies.

• Prepares educational materials and related reports (e.g. assessment results, attendance, anecdotal records, etc.) for the purpose of implementing study plans and documenting student attendance and progress .

• Protects student confidentiality in an effort to maintain program compliance with department, district, and KBOR policy.

• Provides feedback and information to students and program administration for the purpose of motivating students, facilitating program improvement, and documenting results for funding.

• Participates in various initiatives assigned to improve the pedagogical and programmatic environment for students with the goal of improving Salina’s adult education program.

• Understands teaching based on content standards and demonstrates ability to write lesson plans incorporating standards and tiered activities for many levels of adult learning to meet curriculum requirements

• Demonstrates high-level technological skills, including Microsoft Office programs, e-mail functions, and learning software and platforms for the purpose of creating course content and documenting program activities.

• Fosters employment- and college-focused relationships and experiences for students to expand opportunities beyond the classroom with the goal of improving student success.

• Supports and understands the results-based funding system to meet program needs and objectives.

Job requirements: Skills, knowledge and abilities (minimum qualifications)
Specific skills required to satisfactorily perform the duties of the position include: application of assessment instruments; prepare and maintain accurate records; and apply adult-appropriate teaching strategies.

The specific knowledge required to satisfactorily perform the duties of the position includes:

Writing: mastery of grammar, punctuation, spelling, composition

Mathematics: Proficiency in high school mathematics, including 1) operations and algebraic thinking, 2) ratio and proportional reasoning, 3) data and statistics, 4) measurement and geometry, and 5) algebra.

Reading: The specific abilities required to satisfactorily perform the duties of the position include: establishing and maintaining constructive relationships; motivating, coaching and empowering adult learners; communicate with various groups; maintaining confidentiality; and work as a team.

Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred

Please send resume to [email protected]

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