Rumer Willis tries EmSculpt Neo, abdominal defining procedure

Rumer Willis posted a video of herself getting an EmSculpt Neo treatment at Jolie Med Spa in West Hollywood. (Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Rumer Willis works on his abs, no crunches required.

the 90210 alum shared a video of herself receiving a EmSculpt Neo Treatment at Jolie Medi Spa, which has two Los Angeles locations in West Hollywood and Studio City. She captioned the video, which featured the actress with a large device strapped to her stomach, “It’s wild.”

The treatment, which works by emitting both high-intensity electromagnetic and radio frequencies to induce involuntary muscle contractions, is believed to reduce fat and promote muscle growth in the target area. Treatments performed on the stomach area are intended to create more defined abdominal muscles, while treatments on the glutes can gives you the look of a non-surgical butt lift. While some results can be seen immediately after a 30 minute session, the best results are seen within weeks of completing all four treatments.

Rumer Willis posts video of herself receiving EmSculpt Neo treatment.  (Photo: Rumer Willis/Instagram)

Rumer Willis posts video of herself receiving EmSculpt Neo treatment. (Photo: Rumer Willis/Instagram)

Willis isn’t the only star to have tried the treatment. In 2020, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna praised the treatment on the show, telling her co-star Erika Girardi that it was one of the “greatest things” she’s done. Kim Kardashian also underwent the procedure keeping up with the Kardashians in 2019.

Like Willis, Drew Barrymore – a spokesperson for EmSculpt – also had the treatment done on her abdominal muscles, after the muscles separated during her pregnancy.

the 50 first dates star said People in 2019, “I love exercising, but after having two kids I kept getting injured because I just didn’t have a core. My abdomen was like an aquarium and I didn’t kept getting left out.

As for Willis, she’s previously spoken about wanting to be honest about how she changes her body. She said entertainment tonight in 2014, “In Hollywood, I feel like there’s a big stigma for hiding things – but people aren’t stupid. If all of a sudden you go from an A cup to a double D, people know that. I just think you need to be who you are and own it, and not be ashamed and feel like you have to apologize.

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