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EL CENTRO – Laura Dubbe, superintendent of the McCabe Union Elementary School District in rural El Centro, will ride the Rotary International float during the 133rd Rose Parade on Saturday January 1, thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Rotary Club of El Centro, according to to a press release.

Dubbe will be one of three people representing education who will ride this year’s Rotary float, said Rotary’s Jennifer Thomason, who led Rotary Club El Centro’s fundraising efforts for the float, in the communicated. This year’s theme for Rotary’s float is “Changing Lives Through Education,” which aligns with one of the organization’s focus areas: Basic Education and Literacy.

Laura Dubbe, superintendent of McCabe Union Elementary School in El Centro

A 16-foot-tall owl rules the Rotary float to embody both the spirit of self-improvement and the organization’s determination to make the tools of education available to all across the world. Books, a feather and an apple / globe hybrid to symbolize the importance of education to the world help fill the colorful float.

At a recent meeting of the Rotary Club El Centro, Dubbe said she felt honored and humiliated to have been asked to get on the float.

“I never dreamed that something like this could happen,” she said. “As an educator for 30 years, I am just very honored. “

Thomason urged El Centro club members to help improve the odds of having an Imperial Valley educator selected by float organizers to participate in the parade. Dubbe was nominated by a member of the El Centro club. And the Rotary float organizing committee selected Dubbe’s name in a raffle to ride on this year’s Rotary float. This is the 42nd year that Rotary has organized a float in the Rose Parade.

“Our club members wanted to honor the excellence of local educators through our contributions to the Rose Parade float,” said James Garcia, president of the Rotary El Centro club, in the press release. “Getting Laura Dubbe onto the Rotary Rose Parade float is just one more example of what Rotarians can accomplish when we work together. ”

Dubbe, originally from El Centro, became superintendent of the McCabe Union Primary School District in 2015. Previously, she was the district principal. She has also worked as a teacher, resource teacher and vice-principal during her career.

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After earning a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership with a specialization in Special Education, Dubbe spent four years as a Resource Teacher for the National Science Foundation to implement a practical inquiry-based science program for approximately 22,500 kindergarten to grade 8 students. students and 1,100 teachers in 14 school districts.

Dubbe has participated in the Leadership Academies of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, and Tufts University in Boston. In addition, she has led presentations at state and national conferences.

As McCabe’s superintendent, she cultivates leadership in others through her commitment to the academic success of all students, according to the press release. In addition, she enjoys continuing her professional development through her membership in the Association of California School Administrators.

“On behalf of the Rotary Club El Centro, I hope you will join us in feeling a sense of pride for the educators of Imperial Valley when you see the Rotary Float descend Colorado Boulevard as the 133rd Rose Parade airs. starts at 8 am on Saturday Jan. 1, 2022, ”Garcia said.

The 2017 Rotary International Rose Parade float is shown. | ROTARY INTERNATIONAL PHOTO

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