Qiliho clarifies procedure on missing person report – FBC News

Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho made it clear today that investigations into missing persons complaints begin as soon as a report is filed.

Brigadier General Qiliho says there is no policy or standard operating procedure that requires that nothing be done within 24 hours of receiving a missing person report.

He says it is incorrect that some police have suggested there is a 24-hour waiting period.

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“The first thing that happens is that the information is shared with all police stations in Fiji. So it’s not that nothing is happening and depending on the information that comes in and is quickly analyzed , they can act on that information. It’s not that we don’t do anything in 24 hours. Please let’s get it right when it comes to missing persons.

Brigadier General Qiliho says the work starts from the moment the missing person’s case is reported.

The Commissioner of Police adds that he raised this issue in their meetings and told the officers that he did not want to hear this statement again because there is no such thing as waiting 24 hours when it comes to the police operations.

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