PW4 explains the operations procedure at Gam-Petroleum

The case concerns the trial of former Managing Director Saihou Drammeh (1st defendant) and Lamin Gassama, former COO of Gam-Petroleum (2nd defendant) respectively.

The duo were slapped with more than eight counts including economic crimes.

The witness, who is the 4th prosecution witness (PW4) in the case, provided the court with a brief overview of the process and procedures of Gam-Petroleum’s operations under the guidance of the District Attorney Mballow.

Mr Bah told the court that once they received trucks they would consult with the 1st or 2nd defendant or anyone delegated by them. If they accept the truck to be loaded, the loading will begin.

“If permission is given to load, we issue a load verification ticket. This is where you have the details of the truck like the number of each compartment and the capacity of each compartment. This load ticket bears the correct of delivery, which indicates the vehicle number, the name of the driver and the quantity,” the witness told the court.

The witness explained that they use this delivery note to prepare the verification ticket.

“This control ticket shows the volume of product (fuel) that can be loaded into a particular compartment. When this is done, the control ticket and the delivery note are extended to the 1st or 2nd defendant or to any person delegated in his function. to confirm on their behalf,” the witness said.

Once everything is confirmed, the witness said, the loading ticket is then given to security personnel on duty, who should also confirm and sign off before leaving the truck in question in the depot.

“When the truck enters for loading, the security personnel on duty will hand over the load check ticket to the driver, who will hand it over to the loader. Then the loader will load the truck according to the load check ticket.”

The witness explained in court that there was a ticket printed at the control room after each loading operation and that the delivered quantity would be delivered to the control room.

He further told the court that after each transaction, the control room normally prepares a final loading ticket, which normally contains the name of the company (customer), the amount delivered and the names of the 1st and 2nd defendants. He added that this ticket would later be given to the driver for confirmation and signature once satisfied.

“The loading ticket accompanied by the delivery note is now sent to the 1st and 2nd defendants or to any person delegated by them for signature, after which the loading ticket would be generated in the control room, photocopied and a copy would be given to the driver. while the depot keeps the original.Then the driver would be allowed to leave.

At this point, Barrister Mballow asked Mr. Bah if the control room had any other work apart from what he had related to the court?

The responding witness told the court that they also sent a daily truck lift report after the conclusion of the daily loading transactions, which is the summary of the day’s transaction.

Loading tickets from October 2021 were filed in front of the witness, who confirmed the documents. The documents were exhibited and filed.

The case continues.

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