Pinedale Rally | District presents students of the month

PINEDALE — The Sublette County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees took time out of a packed agenda to honor four March and one February students at its meeting on April 14.

Amy Warren, a teacher at Pinedale Elementary School, named first grader Tucker Shelinbarger as Student of the Month for March for showing “consistent effort and a positive attitude”.

Warren described Shelinbarger as an “excellent student”.

“Tucker approaches his schoolwork with enthusiasm and a desire to learn,” Warren wrote to the board. “He knows that what his teachers ask him to do is important and beneficial to him. He should never be asked to do something twice.

Shelinbarger is “cheerful, kind and respectful of others,” Warren said.

“Tucker thinks before he acts, whether it’s an academic task or a social interaction,” she added.

Shelinbarger is a pleasure to teach, Warren said, and expressed pride in the freshman’s growth.

“Tucker’s positive mindset and willingness to push through even when the going gets tough make him a perfect pick for student of the month,” Warren remarked.

PES director Greg Legerski called Shelinbarger a “great lad in every way”.

“Ms. Warren, along with myself and the entire school, appreciate everything Tucker has done,” he said. “You see him in the cafeteria and in the hallways and he always has a gigantic smile. on his face. It’s Mr. Positive.

Clare Rutar, a science teacher at Pinedale Middle School, recognized seventh grader Darren Calhoun as March’s student of the month because he is a “perfect example” of resilience.

Calhoun entered middle school as a new student this year and took on the challenge of navigating the “nuances of middle school,” Rutar told the board.

“Darren has adjusted and adapted better than most new students I’ve seen over the past few years,” Rutar added. “He was patient, positive and focused on his best work.”

Calhoun treats his classmates and teachers with respect and empathy, Rutar said.

“He has been a phenomenal role model for other students because he is willing to ask questions and receive criticism in all areas of his learning,” she added.

Rutar highlighted Calhoun’s maturity, openness to feedback, and willingness to come after school to “expand his learning.”

“I’m so excited to see what Darren will bring to college,” Rutar said. “He’s already teaching his peers how to learn from their mistakes and stay strong when the going gets tough.”

Skyline Academy teacher Lori Moore featured Jill Warembourg as Student of the Month for March for demonstrating excellence, preparation and accountability.

“Jill holds herself to a high standard and is a shining light at Skyline,” Moore said.

In addition to maintaining top marks, Warembourg is a “leader in activities,” Moore said, including the cheering team, dance team, theater, National Honor Society and National Art Honor Society. , Warembourg spends his “dead time” rehearsing the lines of a play. , practicing cheerleading routines and completing homework, Moore said.

Warembourg is also down-to-earth and helpful to his peers, Moore added.

“Jill has a willful smile,” Moore wrote. “I have seen her encourage others many times. She does not hide her light and is an inspiration to those around her.

Skyline Academy director John Snell praised Warembourg’s work ethic.

“Jill is probably the most driven student I’ve seen in a long time,” he said. “She circles around everyone.”

Pinedale High School principal Brian Brisko named second grade Aida Mata as February’s student of the month for her exemplary courage. Katie Facklam, PHS art teacher, made the nomination.

“Aida shows courage in fighting the most remote moral battles,” Facklam wrote to the board. “She stands up for others in need and for her beautiful legacy. She struggles and fights her own battles, which she stoically handles with grace.

Brisko agreed, saying Mata faces challenges “with a smile every day.”

“Aida works extremely hard and is kind to her peers,” he added. “I’m super proud of her.”

Senior Reagan Smith received the March PHS Student of the Month award. Facklam also named Smith and chose the elder as an example of patience.

“Reagan is calm and composed, one of those kids who does what she’s supposed to do,” Facklam said. “She has, however, had a very emotionally trying last two years, which she has handled with patience and grace.”

During the pandemic shutdown, Smith was “the best student online,” Brisko said, and patiently waited to return to PHS as a full-time student and join her peers. In addition to schoolwork, Smith “works extremely hard” at her after-school job, Brisko added.

“Reagan is awesome as a student and I’m super proud of her,” Brisko told the board.

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