Parents urged to have confidence in student safety as schools reopen

Secretary General of the Office of the Basic Education Commission, Amporn Pinasa, said five types of courses have been held in the past two years – on-site, live, online, on-demand and on-site. .

He explained that there are safety guidelines for on-site classes, which are divided into two groups: schools that have not been reopened since November 1 last year and schools that have already been reopened. but which will soon be closed.

“Schools that have not been reopened and have met the criteria can submit an application to their educational services area office and provincial education office for review. They can resume classes on site after receiving approval,” Amporn said.

“Schools that have not met the criteria must improve until they meet the criteria because student safety is the first priority,” he added.

The Director General of the Department of Disease Control, Dr Opas Karnkawinpong, has urged parents not to panic about the reopening of schools as “Covid-19 will soon become endemic”.

He confirmed that the Pfizer vaccine is safe for children and that medical staff will conduct a vaccination campaign based on the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine.

“Out of 10 million [orange cap] Pfizer doses, 300,000 will be delivered weekly to Thailand,” he said. “The Ministry of Public Health will allocate vaccines to educational institutions to vaccinate students from Pratom 1 to 6, starting with Pratom 6,” Opas added.

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