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The state House and Senate budgets, before being reconciled last week, offered fractions of that amount.

The judge’s plan includes funding improvements to help low-income students and people with disabilities, and to hire more academic support staff. An increase in the remuneration of teachers, principals and vice-principals is included, as well as efforts to improve teacher diversity and skills and children’s access to preschool, the Journal reported.

Of course, Republican lawmakers bristled against this.

“A court has no more authority to order the legislature to spend money or adopt a policy than the legislature has to tell a trial judge how to decide a case,” he said. Watauga County Republican and head of the education committee Senator Deanna Ballard said in a statement. statement earlier this year.

But the judge says the opposite. “If the state does not implement the actions outlined in the Comprehensive Recovery Plan …” then it will be the duty of this Court to render a judgment granting a declaratory judgment and any other remedy necessary to correct the wrong, “wrote Lee, citing in part an earlier Supreme Court decision.

Lee gave the legislature an Oct. 18 deadline to implement the plan, adding that, “in the event that the full funds needed to implement the comprehensive remediation plan are not secured by that date, the court will hear and consider any proposal on how the court can use its remedial powers to obtain such funding. Judges in other states have forced their legislatures to comply with similar orders by fining them or citing them for contempt of court.


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