Organization fighting against needle phobia and how to help children during medical procedures

DELMARVA – Hope for Henry Foundation is an organization that enables children with serious illnesses to actively participate in their care. Now they’re teaming up with 152 Giant pharmacies across Delmarva to help kids struggling with needles and vaccinations.

The Hope for Henry Foundation is a 20-year-old organization that began after the loss of the founder’s child. After watching their toddler spend his life in the hospital, the founders wanted to alleviate the children’s problems and fears.

After a recent survey by Hope For Henry and Quadrants showed that needle phobia leads to a delay in childhood vaccinations, so they wanted to intervene. The partnership provides a Super Rewards game board, a helpful and interactive guide to what to expect, and a sense of accomplishment when kids complete the process. “Whether it’s vaccinations, MRIs or an IV, whatever procedure they’re facing, this program is there for them,” says the foundation’s CEO, Laurie Strongin. She adds, “You have a sense of commitment to your care and are rewarded for doing something that will make you healthy.

Strongin tells 47 ABC that too many adults have been vaccinated as children and have had a fear of needles, which has led them to be reluctant to get vaccinated. However, she says this fun and engaging way of helping kids feel more comfortable with medical procedures could make all the difference. “Take care of children’s psychosocial well-being and provide incentives to help them do all the hard things they need to do to get healthy again. ”

Kids can collect stickers and make medical procedures a little more fun and exciting, which Strongin says will help people with needle phobia.

To learn more about the program or the foundation, visit their website or a local Giant Pharmacy near you.

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