NFL eliminates Wonderlic test in draft proceedings

The age-old tradition of the supposedly confidential Wonderlic scores leaked ahead of the NFL Draft appears to be coming to an end.

A league memo obtained by the AP says league officials “plan” to eliminate the Wonderlic – a standardized multiple-choice test with logic puzzles designed to assess intelligence – from the assessment procedures.

This is news that many have been advocating for several years. From 2009, a study revealed The Wonderlic had no correlation to NFL performance in a vast majority of positions. The only positions with correlation were tight and defensive positions – and the correlation was negative.

The NFL also plans to punish teams for asking insensitive questions of prospects.

The memo said teams could be tied down as much as a first-round pick and fined at least $ 150,000 for any conduct deemed “disrespectful, inappropriate or unprofessional” in interviews with potential players.

The NFL plans to eliminate the Wonderlic test from its pre-draft assessment process.
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There are well-documented cases of teams treating players inappropriately during interviews. Dez Bryant was sadly asked if his mother was a prostitute. A number of players have been asked if their moms are hot. One prospect said he was asked to reveal his internet search history. Eli Apple was asked about his sexual orientation by the Atlanta Falcons.

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