Mesa County Elections Office provides overview of procedures and security measures

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – Mesa County Election Officer-designate Wayne Williams, who also served as Colorado’s Secretary of State from 2015 to 2019, presented candidates with an in-depth review of security protocols and more in the office elections of Mesa Co., their representatives and the media Monday afternoon.

Williams explained, “In Colorado there is a paper ballot of your vote, and it is the final and ultimate arbiter of how someone voted, [it] is this actual ballot.

He also described the different methods in place at the Election Office to ensure a fair and accurate election. Among these are bipartite teams at every step of the way. “So throughout the process we will be using bipartisan judges, both Democrats and Republicans, making sure everything goes from the collection of ballots to the drop box, which is done by a team of bipartite judges. Each counting step is done this way.

Points raised at Monday’s meeting included the fact that tabulation is performed by systems disconnected from the Internet. Additionally, risk-limiting audits using a random sample of paper ballots versus digital result records help confirm that the counts are accurate.

Regarding mail-in ballots with signature discrepancies, Williams explained, “Every ballot that is returned to us, we verify that the signature matches the signature on this envelope. If it doesn’t match, we let the voter know, we send them a letter, we will also email them if we have an email for them, letting them know they have up to eight days after the election to remedy this deficiency.

The election office plans to start publishing unofficial results shortly after polling stations close on election day.

The Mesa Co. Board of Commissioners also contracted with Clear Ballot Group, Inc. to verify election results, and also held a hand count, to ensure that the vote totals were accurate.

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