Mama June disapproves of her daughter Alana’s weight loss procedure

mom june is not in charge of Alana Thompson — AKA Honey Boo Boo — these days, but says if she had known her daughter was undergoing a weight loss procedure, she would have dismissed the idea.

Mama June tells TMZ … “I support if it’s something Alana wants to achieve, but I’d say she has to wait until she’s 18.” She also says Alana didn’t tell her about her medical plans before she decided to.

As we first reported, Alana is get a suture sculpture endoscopic sleeve next month, just after she turns 17.

Although Alana mentioned being unhappy with her weight, June says this procedure is not something you just jump into – June is being treated bariatric surgery before, but ended up regaining 100 pounds.

She says she’ll tell Alana’s sister, Pumpkinshe has to wait.

Pumpkin is now Alana’s guardian and has approved the operation, but June adds: ‘It bothers me a bit that Pumpkin didn’t tell me. If Alana wants to do it, she should wait to sign her own papers at 18.

June’s worried money became a factor in the sudden decision, but sources close to Alana tell us the non-surgical procedure is something she does in private, not for TV.

We are also told that June was not informed of her decision because she has no relationship with the family.

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