Local Perspective: Health Standards Plan Pushed the Agenda | Editorial

The editorial goes on to state that we need an adult who will teach our young people what they need to know. I answer by: Who is this adult and how do you define the must? Who decides what children need to know?

The editorial postulates that the real “losers” are K-12 students who are denied “age-appropriate” health guidelines. They claim it protects against sexual abuse and bullying. I cannot understand this, especially since a large survey of adolescents, carried out in 2015 by the Barna group, regarding sex education for adolescents found that after learning such “guidelines”, many felt more compelled to have early sexual activity, and that such programs normalize behavior and make it an expectation.

The editorial turns into a straw man tactic by saying that “opponents” are unwilling to compromise. I ask: what would this compromise look like? Most “ordinary” people think that it is best to leave these topics to the primary educators of children, ie the parents.

For decades, such arguments have never existed, and parents have never been placed in such a position. Schools have stayed true to the “Three Rs,” focusing on teaching children the standard subjects for which schools were created. Slowly we have seen the usurpation of that as we modify the history lessons to better suit current social policy, progressive sex education that goes far beyond biology, and “education” about race which ultimately pits students against each other based on their skin color. As a United States Navy who has fought alongside fellow Americans from all walks of life, I find this quite upsetting and unfortunate.

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