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To the Editor – I have my main ballot and my voter guide, with a run for Yakima School Board, position 2. It was disappointing that Donald Joseph Davis, Jr. didn’t show up for interview, and also that the Herald missed the opportunity to ask obvious questions of candidates who did.

How does KateAshley Clarke inspire students to develop critical thinking skills by banning critical theory programs, which don’t even exist in K-12? That does not make any sense. Many Yakima students experience CRT every day. Should their basic education ignore what is in front of their faces, as mine did? Can we honor the legacy of our great nation without acknowledging our failures and massive missteps? Explore both sides of 16th Avenue and ask yourself why Yakima neighborhoods are so different – what’s the big deal? How does the candidate feel about the student-led vaccination challenge?

How will applicants defend the parental rights of non-English speakers, or accommodate parents who cannot take time off work without being fired? Equity and inclusion issues must be approached responsibly in our diverse community. “Us versus them” honors no one.

So I vote – even for the school board.


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