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President Jean B. Bingham, Relief Society general president, leads the evening session of the 192nd Annual General Conference at Temple Square in Salt Lake City on Saturday, April 2, 2022.

When President Dallin H. Oaks introduced the final Saturday, he noted that the session was women-focused, but it was not called the Women’s Session.

“We honor the daughters of God in this special session by focusing on their concerns and those of their organizations. We are grateful that broadcast technology now gives Church leaders the ability to conduct detailed training by addressing specific audiences in the field. We also welcome the fact that the current travel possibilities are increasing. This allows us to send Church leaders to conduct regular face-to-face leadership training in the field,” Oaks said.

Sister Susan H. Porter, first counselor in the Primary general presidency, encouraged women to learn about the story of the woman at the well as told in the New Testament. She also spoke about the Sermon on the Mount, saying that sisters are the salt of the earth, the sky and the light in today’s world.

“I’d like to share with you three lessons I’m learning as I continue to drink from his well of ‘living water’. First: our past and present circumstances do not determine our future. Second: “The power is in (us).” Third: ‘From small things proceed great.’

“Even if you feel alone as the storms of life rage, you can shine a light in the darkness of misunderstanding, confusion and disbelief,” Porter said. “Your light of faith in Christ can be steady and sure, leading those around you to safety and peace. Sisters, hearts can be changed and lives blessed when we offer a pinch of salt, a spoonful of leaven and a ray of light.

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Sister Rebecca L. Craven, second counselor in the Young Women general presidency, speaks during the Saturday evening session of general conference at the Salt Lake City Conference Center on Saturday, April 2, 2022.

Rebecca L. Craven of the Young Women general presidency recounted a conversation she had with a member: , how do you know anything about the church is true? Because I don’t feel anything.

Craven explained, “Before jumping to an answer, I asked him a few questions first. ‘Tell me about your personal scripture study.’ She replied, ‘I don’t read the scriptures.’ I asked, ‘And with your family, do you study Come, Follow Me together?’ She said no.’ I asked about his prayers: “How do you feel when you pray? His response, ‘I don’t pray.’ My answer was simple: “If you want to know something, you have to do something. Isn’t this true for everything we want to learn or know? »

Here are some thoughts to consider, Craven said:

  • How many likes do we get on our social media posts? Or how much we are loved and appreciated by our Heavenly Father?
  • Wearing the latest fashion trend? Or show respect for our bodies by dressing modestly?
  • Finding answers through an internet search? Or receive answers from God through the Holy Spirit?
  • Do you want more ? Or be satisfied with what we have been given?

“President Russell M. Nelson teaches, ‘With the Holy Ghost as your companion, you can see through the celebrity culture that has plagued our society. You can be smarter than previous generations ever were… Set a standard for the rest of the world! ,” Craven noted.

“The youth theme for this year is taken from Proverbs 3:5-6: ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and do not lean on your own intelligence. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. A key part of trusting in the Lord is moving forward, trusting that He will guide us even if we don’t have all the answers.

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Sister missionaries serving in Temple Square walk to the conference center for the Saturday evening session of the April 2022 general conference, a session specifically for women and young women.

Craven added that if we sincerely focus on what matters most, we will be guided to avoid distractions and we will be blessed with spiritual strength, contentment and joy.

A video of Nelson and President Spencer W. Kimball discussing the power of women was also released.

Kimball said that in the last days it would be the righteous women who would help the world and prepare the world for the second coming of Christ. Nelson noted that women can speak with power and authority from God, that women possess distinct abilities.

“The culminating act of all creation was the creation of women,” Nelson said.

Sister Jean B. Bingham, Relief Society general president, spoke about keeping covenants. “Covenants with God strengthen us, protect us, and prepare us for eternal glory.”

“Those who were baptized made a covenant on that unforgettable day to take upon themselves the name of Jesus Christ, to always remember him, to keep his commandments, and to serve him to the end,” said Bingham. “When we do these things, Heavenly Father promises to forgive our sins and give us the companionship of the Holy Ghost. These blessings start us on the path that, if we press forward and endure to the end, will enable us to live with him and his Son in the celestial kingdom. Each baptized person is promised these privileges if they keep the covenant made on that special day.

Bingham added, “Those who make other covenants in the temple receive powerful promises conditioned on their personal faithfulness. We solemnly promise to obey the commandments of God, to live the gospel of Jesus Christ, to be morally clean, and to dedicate our time and talents to the Lord. In return, God promises blessings in this life and the possibility of returning to him. In this process, we are given, or given, the power to discern between truth and error, between good and evil, amidst the confused and negative voices that bombard us. What a powerful gift!”

We must choose to be anchored to the Savior, to be bound to Him by our covenants, Bingham added.

Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles spoke to women about their divine nature and eternal destiny as they deciphered the Young Women theme.

Renlund also spoke of the LDS Church’s belief in a Heavenly Mother. Adding that there is little revealed about him, what is known can be found in the Gospel Subject section of the Gospel Library app.

“I would like to know more. You too may still have questions and want to find more answers. Seeking greater understanding is an important part of our spiritual development, but please be careful,” Renlund said. “Reason cannot replace revelation. Speculation will not lead to greater spiritual knowledge, but it can lead to deception or divert our attention from what has been revealed. For example, the Savior taught His disciples, ‘Always pray to the Father in my name.’ We follow this pattern and direct our worship to our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ, and do not pray to Heavenly Mother.

To demand revelation from God is both arrogant and unproductive. Instead, we wait for the Lord and His calendar to reveal truths through the means He has established, Renlund added.

“Heavenly Father wants you to become his heir and receive all that he has. He can’t give you more. He can’t promise you more. He loves you more than you know and wants you to be happy in this life and the life to come,” Renlund concluded.

The music for this session of the conference was composed by a women’s choir with members from throughout the Utah area.


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