Laptops donated to students at Wolverhampton Primary School to fight digital divide

Wolfie, UNITED SIKHS Principal Sun Kaur and MP Pat McFadden, along with pupils Skye Kumari, 10, and Taranveer Saund, 9, donate laptops to St Luke’s CE Primary School, Wolverhampton.

The local project was set up to help tackle the city’s digital divide in education and laptops will be used to help students catch up on the learning they have lost over the course of the year. year passed due to restrictions and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sun Kaur of United Sikhs joined Pat McFadden, MP for Wolverhampton South East, and Wolves Football Club mascot Wolfie to attend the official handover.

Wolves Tech Aid was formed earlier this year as a partnership involving Wolverhampton City Council, Wolves FC Foundation and the Black Country Chamber of Commerce in an effort to persuade local businesses and individuals to donate laptops new or used.

The equipment is then recycled for educational purposes and donated to help students who do not have access to computers at home.

MP Pat McFadden said: “I am extremely grateful to United Sikhs for making this fantastic donation.

“This is the biggest donation ever to Wolves Tech Aid.

“It’s really important that children don’t lose out on education because they don’t have the right equipment or a good WiFi connection at home.

“Wolves Tech Aid was founded to help tackle the digital divide that exists and donations like this will make a big difference. “

Sun Kaur, United Sikhs, said: “The digital divide is a growing concern and we hope that the 25 laptops that have gone to disadvantaged children will also allow them to flourish in their education.

“United Sikhs pray that by providing these laptops for children, they can fulfill their dreams and move towards their dream jobs and careers. “

Alison Grennan, Principal of St Luke Elementary School, said: “I am truly grateful to United Sikhs and Wolves Tech Aid for these laptops.

“Technology has become an important part of learning and not all of our children have the equipment they need.

“We want to make sure that no child is a loser because they don’t have the right kit at home and these laptops will go a long way to ensure that is the case.”

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