Jordan facilitates entry procedures for Iraqi patients…

AMMAN — Sick Iraqis seeking medical care in Jordan are being offered special treatment to facilitate their entry into the Kingdom in line with Jordan’s humanitarian role towards the Iraqi people, Interior Ministry spokesman Tareq said. Al-Majali.اضافة اعلان

Hala News quoted Majali as saying the procedures for Iraqi patients are part of Jordan’s “humanitarian role and duty to the Iraqi people.”

He said the visit of Iraqis to Jordan is governed by separate instructions, which differ from simplified procedures for receiving patients.

Majali said the facilities include waiver of prior visa application for men over 50, children under 15 and women of all ages.

Electronic applications submitted to the Jordanian Ministry of Interior for the designated age group requiring prior approval will be processed within 48 hours from the date of submission of the application to the Ministry of Interior.

But he stressed that emergency cases are exempt from the procedure. The visa is granted on the spot for emergency cases, which will be determined by the hospitals where the patient is booked for treatment.

Patients who have already entered the Kingdom legally, have undergone surgeries or medical procedures, left the Kingdom within the legal deadlines and must return for treatment or require further treatment are also exempt from prior visa applications.

Under the new procedures, two escorts will be allowed to enter with each patient, provided they are first-degree blood relatives. The admission of minors as accompanying persons is also authorised, regardless of their number.

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