Indian Army NCC Special Entry 52nd Course 2022 Screening Procedure Medical Training Commissioning Details

Indian Army NCC Special Entry 2022: Check the selection procedure, medical, physical standards, training and commissioning details for the 52nd Course (October 2022): Short Service (NT) Commission for Men and Women.

Screening Procedure and Training for Indian Army NCC Special Entry in 2022: Indian Army is calling for applications from unmarried men and women (including combat wounded wards of Indian Army personnel) for the grant of Short Service Commission in the Army India under NCC Special Entry Program 52 courses against 55 vacancies. The last date to apply online for Indian Army NCC Special Entry 2022 was April 13, 2022. The course will start in October 2022 at the Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai, Tamil Nadu. In this article, we have shared the Indian Army NCC Special Entry 2022 Selection Procedure, Medical and Training details for the 52nd Male and Female Course.

Indian Army NCC Special Entry 2022 Important Dates

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Events 2022

Important appointments

Application start date

March 15, 2022

Application end date

April 13, 2022

Screening Procedure for Indian Army NCC Special Entry in 2022

Single men and single women (including the combat wounded wards of Indian Army personnel), for the grant of a short term commission in the Indian Army, will undergo:

Pre-selection of candidates

The Department of Defense (Army) Integrated Headquarters reserves the right to pre-screen applications, without giving reasons. After the pre-selection of applications, the allocation of the Center will be communicated to the applicants via their email. After the Selection Center is awarded, applicants will be required to log into the website and select their SSB dates which are initially available on a first come, first served basis. Thereafter, it will be awarded by the Selection Centres. The option to select SSB dates by applicants may be waived due to the occurrence of exceptional circumstances/events.

SSB Maintenance

Only eligible shortlisted candidates will undergo SSB at the selection centers in Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh), Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), Bangalore (Karnataka) and Kapurthala (Punjab). The call letter for the SSB interview will be issued by the respective screening center on the candidates registered email id and SMS only. The allocation of the selection center is at the discretion of the Directorate General of Recruitment, Integrated Headquarters of the Ministry of Defense (Army) and no requests for changes will be accepted in this regard.

Candidates will be subject to a two-stage selection procedure. Those who complete Stage I will advance to Stage II. Those who fail Stage I will be expelled the same day. The duration of the SSB interview is five days and the details of these can be found on the official website of the Directorate General of Recruitment i.e. This will be followed by a medical examination for applicants who are recommended after Stage II.

Step 1: Intelligence test, image perception and discussion test

2nd step : Psychological test, group test I & II, interview

NOTE: Entitlement to travel allowance. Applicants presenting for SSB interview for a particular type of commission for the first time will be entitled to an AC-3 round-trip train or bus fare, including reservation and berth fees within Indian boundaries. Candidates who apply again for the same type of commission will NOT be entitled to a travel allowance on a subsequent occasion. For any questions/clarifications regarding eligibility or payment of the travel allowance, candidates may contact the relevant selection centers directly.

Medical exam

Candidates recommended by the Service Selection Board (SSB) will undergo a medical examination (Special Medical Board) by a Board of Service Medical Officers. Candidates recommended by the SSB and declared medically fit will receive a letter of adhesion to the training in order of meritdepending on the number of positions available, subject to fulfilling all the eligibility criteria.

Candidates must possess a robust physique and good mental health. They should have a well-developed chest with an expansion span of at least 5cm. They must have normal hearing in each ear and good binocular vision in both eyes. They must be able to read in distant vision with each eye. They must be free from any disease/disability such as bone deformity, piles, etc. likely to interfere with the efficient performance of tasks.

To verify Height/weight/chest standards for entry of officers into the military

To verify Medical standards for entry of officers into the army

merit list

The merit list will be prepared by engineering major/by subject based on the marks obtained by the candidate in the SSB interview. It should be noted that mere qualification at the SSB interview does not confirm final selection. Those on the merit list who fit into the stipulated vacancies and are medically fit will receive membership letters for pre-commissioning training at the Officers Training Academy (OTA) subject to meeting all eligibility criteria.

In the event that equal SSB scores are obtained by more than one candidate, the older candidate(s) will be ranked higher in merit.

In the event that the SSB scores and age of more than one applicant are the samethe candidate(s) with the highest percentage of points on the qualifying examination will be ranked higher in merit.

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Training 2022

Duration of training: 49 weeks

Selected candidates will be detailed for training at the Chennai Officer Training Academy based on their position in the final order of merit (by engineering stream) up to the number of vacancies and subject to meeting all eligibility criteria.

Candidates will neither be allowed to marry during the training period nor to live with their parents/guardians. Candidates should not get married until they have completed the full OTA training. An applicant who marries after their application date, although successful in the SSB interview or medical examination, will not be inducted into the training. A candidate if he marries, while in training, will be removed from office and will be required to reimburse all expenses incurred in his regard by the government. It also applies to the combat-injured quarters of Army personnel.

All candidates who successfully complete the pre-commission training at OTA, Chennai will receive a “Postgraduate Diploma in Defense Management and Strategic Studies” from Madras University.

The final allocation of arms/services will be made before the departure of the gentlemen/ladies cadets from the OTA.

Training cost

The full cost of OTA training is borne by the government. In case the cadet is removed from the training academy for reasons other than medical or for reasons beyond his/her control, he/she will be liable to reimburse the cost of training at ₹13,941/- per week until as of June 30, 2022, thereafter an annual increase of 8% per annum will be calculated on the training cost per capita for each subsequent year (or as notified from time to time) excluding related charges as set by the government from time to time, for the period of his/her stay at OTA, Chennai.

Indian Army NCC Special Entry 2022 VScommissioning

Mandate of the Commission

A short-term commission will be granted to men and women in the regular army for 14 years, that is, for an initial period of 10 years renewable by a new period of 04 years.

Both male and female officers who wish to continue serving in the Indian Army after the expiration of the ten-year period of the Short Term Commission may, if eligible and suitable in all respects, be considered for the grant of the Permanent Commission (PC) in the 10th year of their short commission service in accordance with the relevant policies as published from time to time.

SSC officers (male and female) who are not selected for the grant of a PC but who are otherwise considered fit and suitable, will be offered options to continue as SSCOs for a total period of 14 years (including the original 10 year term) upon the expiration of which they will be released from the Indian Army.

Probation period

An officer will be on probation for a period of six months from the date he receives his commission. If he is reported during the trial period as unable to retain his commission, his services may be terminated at any time, whether before or after the expiration of the trial period.

Antedate Seniority

No anti-date seniority will be granted.

Termination of commission

An officer on a short-term commission will be liable to serve for ten years, but his commission may be terminated at any time by the Government of India for:

(i) Fault or if his services are found to be unsatisfactory, or

(ii) Due to medical unfitness, or

(iii) if his services are no longer required, or

(iv) If he fails to qualify for a prescribed test or course.

(v) An officer may, on three months’ notice, be permitted to resign from office on humanitarian grounds of which the Government of India shall be the sole judge. An officer who is authorized to resign his commission for humanitarian reasons will not be eligible for terminal gratuity.

Reserve Liabilities

Short Term Commission Officers discharged before or on the expiry of the contractual term of service will be required to serve in the Indian Army for five years plus two years on a voluntary basis or until the age of 37 for women and 40 for men, whichever comes first.

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