Improper Procedure Complaint Against State of Orlando FL Dr. Jason Song

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An Orlando-area doctor who was supposed to do a procedure to relieve pain in the patient’s groin or pelvis instead did one that would relieve hip pain, according to the Florida Department of Health.

The administrative complaint filed against Dr. Jason Song said this was not what his patient expected and therefore a bad procedure.

Administrative complaints begin the disciplinary process, which typically ends with a settlement agreement approved by the state Board of Medicine. Song’s health ministry online profile shows no previous complaints or disciplinary issues since getting his license in Florida in April 2015.

Song did not return an email from the Miami Herald to the address listed on his Florida Department of Health profile.

Song’s address on the complaint is in Orlando, but his license currently has the address of the Palm Tree Interventional Pain Management clinic in St. Cloud. It was there, according to the complaint, that a patient named “SP” came on July 20 for a right genito-femoral nerve block.

“Genito-femoral nerve blocks are minimally invasive injections intended to relieve chronic pain in the groin or pelvic areaaccording to Florida pain management firm, Excel Pain and Spine. “These nerve blocks can aid in the diagnosis of chronic pain in the groin, testicles, penis and pelvis.”

But, according to the complaint, instead of doing that, Song performed a right femoral obturator nerve block.

“A femoral-obturator nerve block is used to treat chronic hip pain that may occur after hip surgery or trauma to the hip,” explains the site of Minnesota-based Nura Precision Pain Management.

Song notified SP of the error a week later, on July 27, according to the complaint.

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