I swear, I’m ready to sell my land cruiser to buy an iPhone for 100 students who will score ten 1s on the BECE

Deputy Minister of Commerce and Member of Parliament for New Juaben South, Michael Okyere Baafi

Correspondence from the Eastern region

New Juaben South MP and Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Michael Okyere Baafi has sworn that if he would have to sell his personal Toyota Land Cruiser car to acquire iPhones for every 100 students who will get 10 or new 1 in the next Basic Education Certificate (BECE) exams, he would do so.

He said he was so passionate to see the students in his riding start to excel in their studies, and that he was determined to do whatever it takes to get the riding to improve its educational standards.

The MP, who was donating desktops and laptops and a rechargeable speaker to the New Juaben South municipal education branch over the weekend, called on teachers and education officials to get their hands on the bridge to achieve the desired improvement in students. performances at BECE.

“Brothers and sisters, I beg you, we are doing it together. Let’s do it together. Let’s change the paradigm. Koforidua, for the first time we are going to set a record. We’re going to be the best of the best this year. This is why we are investing so much.

“Getting good grades to buy you an iPhone is just too easy for me. I mean if you want me to sell my personal car. It is not for the ministry. This is my personal car. So if you want me to sell my personal car to buy iPhones for 100 students to get 10 1, 9A, or 1, I will. I swear I will.

“The way I want them to look so I can brag about it… I need the fans so much.

“So the point I’m telling you is that we have to work hard. Keep in mind that we are trying to help children. And that’s what we want to do, ”urged Mr. Baafi.

Academic performance at the basic school level in the Municipality of New Juaben South has been on a downward trend in recent years, which has raised serious concerns among stakeholders, including the region’s MP.

Analysis of the performance of applicants for the Basic Education Certificate (BECE) exam over the six-year interval, including 2020, showed a worrying trend of poor and consistent performance in schools in New Juaben South public base.

Data available to the Directorate of Education shows that no candidate in the municipality’s basic public schools achieved an overall score of six (6) on the six-year exam. Only a few of the candidates obtained between the aggregate seven (7) and fifteen (15).

The majority of the candidates obtained between the aggregate 25 and 36 with an overall mark of 40 and more.

As a result, MP Michael Okyere Baafi instituted the “MP’s extra weekend classes” for all final year students in basic schools and pledged to provide the assistance needed to help students find their way through. prepare adequately for the following BECEs and come out with excellent results.

So he donated five desktops, five laptops, a sound system and other assorted items to improve the delivery of education in New Juaben South.

On receiving the items, City Education Director Victor de-Graft Etsison thanked the MP for the gesture and pledged to ensure that donated items are used appropriately for the purposes for which they were intended. been donated.

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