Gwinnett Schools part of national effort to transform public education

Watts said the change was long overdue.

“I challenge anyone in this room to name an industry that operates the same way it did 387 years ago,” Watts said, arguing that the basic model of public education established by Boston Latin School in the 17th century is still in place.

The reason? “Because it’s been good enough for some,” Watts said. “It’s been good enough for many, to be quite frank, but not good enough for everyone.”

He said participating in Learning 2025 would result in a gradual overhaul of Gwinnett’s curriculum and practices rather than throwing away everything the district has in place.

Watts listed several initiatives he hoped to address along the way, including expanding early learning opportunities, preparing students for the jobs of the future, and improving the pipeline to hire more diverse educators.

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In a video posted in January, Watts announced the district’s participation in Learning 2025. He promised his staff would always work with teachers, students, families and other community members on ideas to improve the district. . He also acknowledged that the work would continue beyond 2025.

Learn the vision of 2025

– Create an inclusive and forward-looking culture

– Personalize social, emotional, cognitive and academic learning

– Find ways to provide all resources to meet student needs

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