Grieving father ends son investigation with stay issue

George Rogers’ death inquest is held at Shirehall

Andrew Rogers’ son George, 27, was found dead by paramedics at his apartment in Marston’s Terrace, Ludlow, on Saturday May 8, after someone called 999 … but he was alone in the flat.

“If he was alone, who put him in the recovery position?” Mr. Rogers asked during the inquest in Shrewsbury.

Shropshire Senior Coroner John Ellery had explained how toxicology reports found a mixture of heroin, alcohol and cocaine that was enough to kill the young man.

“He was in a recovery position,” Rogers said. “I don’t think the police investigated and prosecuted as much as they should have.”

Mr Ellery then adjourned the investigation to Shirehall in an attempt to find answers for the father, who attended the hearing with Andrew’s mother Kerri Garnham by his side.

When the investigation resumed, Mr. Ellerey told the investigation, which was there to find out how Mr. Rogers died, that “the information was still there”.

“George was living alone, but that didn’t mean he was alone when it happened,” Mr. Ellery said. “We know someone called the ambulance and the paramedics called the police.”

“The officers debriefed the appellant, but the appellant did not provide much information. He was the last person to see him alive, but they did not speak to the police or make any statement. “

But Mr Ellery said there was “no sign of a struggle or foul play”. There was no suicide note or any other information.

He added that it was a sign of the world Mr. Rogers had found himself in that his associates had not wanted to get involved in providing information to the police.

“They called 999 and left the scene. They must have put George in the recovery position.

Mr Ellery concluded that it would be an “unnecessary exercise if someone did not want to talk to the police and then summon them” to an investigation.

He added to the parents: “I don’t think a further postponement would bring more information for you.

“I’m afraid this is the world George was involved in.”

George’s mother, Kerri Garnham, told the inquest that her son has been vulnerable since he had brain surgery for a malignant brain tumor at the age of two.

“It was a miracle he got out of it,” she said. She had seen George just the day before he died.

She added, “He was just a very, very nice boy who had a lot of friends and a good heart. He loved animals, his mom and dad and his sisters. He was a family boy.

“The cause of his death was a tiny part of who he was. He was a good boy, who loved sports, ”she added.

But he had fallen into the wrong crowd, she added.

The coroner recorded that George died of a toxic combination of opioids and alcohol.

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