Greek police prepare criminal proceedings for smuggling immigrants

Athens – Greek authorities on the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos have instituted criminal proceedings against the 10 foreigners, including allegations of espionage, for helping migrants enter the country illegally.

Lesvos police said on Monday the investigation had been ongoing for several months and was being carried out in conjunction with Greek intelligence services and the Counterterrorism Task Force. No charges have been laid and the suspect has not been publicly identified.

Greece has been accused on several occasions by rights groups and migrants of deporting newly arrived migrants without allowing asylum claims. This is an illegal activity known as refoulement. The government vehemently denied the accusations and called them “false news”, but stressed that it was patrolling the land-sea border with Turkey, which is also the European Union’s foreign border.


For many years, the country has been one of the prime gateways to the EU for those fleeing conflict and poverty in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The frequent and strained relations with neighboring Turkey led Athens to say that it was about the militarization of immigrants by Ankara. He accuses people of encouraging people to travel to Greece as a means of putting pressure on both Greece and the EU.

Greek authorities will carry out a pushback, including photos of immigrants recovered by the Coast Guard Command after the same people appeared in photos shared with rights groups showing them at identifiable landmarks on the Greek Islands. There is more evidence to suggest.

Police said the case involved four members of a private non-governmental organization and six others. All of them are investigating espionage, helping foreigners enter the country illegally, interfering with investigations by Greek authorities and violating immigration law.


Police described the activity as “organized” and claimed to be humanitarian activity “in the form of essential support for an organized network of migrant smuggling” in June 2020. He said it dated back to the beginning. . The incident includes the arrival of migrants in Chios, Lesbos and Samos.

As evidence of suspicious activity, police have documented communications with migrants leaving the Turkish coast via mobile messaging apps.

Police said investigators advised the new arrivals to head to hard-to-hide areas of the land or medical facilities, “systematically complicating the work of responsible Greek authorities.” There is. ”

Previous investigations have shown that those under investigation have contributed to “the illegal entry of a significant number of third country citizens” into the Greek islands. Police said authorities were continuing to investigate other potential contacts and activities.

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Greek police prepare criminal proceedings for smuggling immigrants

Greek police prepare criminal proceedings for smuggling immigrants

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