Grade 1 teacher pleads guilty to charges related to January 6 riot

A first-grade teacher who had recently started a new job at a Christian elementary school pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the January 6 riot on the United States Capitol. Kelsey Wilson, who pleaded guilty in federal court on Monday with her husband, Zachary Wilson, has since lost her job at Dayspring Christian School in Springfield, on Kansas City Star reports. As part of their plea deal, each pleaded guilty to a single felony charge of marching, demonstrating or picketing a Capitol building on January 6. Kelsey Wilson, who initially faced multiple charges including disorderly conduct, was indicted on August 2, a month after taking up her new teaching post. The school confirmed Monday that Wilson is no longer employed there.

The couple found themselves on the federal government’s radar in January, when an anonymous informant alerted authorities to Zachary Wilson’s Facebook posts in which he spoke of being inside the Speaker’s office. , Nancy Pelosi. A colleague of Kelsey Wilson also reportedly provided federal investigators with evidence against the teacher. Court documents suggest she knew she would likely lose her job once it became known about her involvement in the riot: “The defendant indicated that she was a first-year teacher and believed her job would be terminated after her arrest.

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