Google Meet’s automatic echo cancellation gets even better

De-reverb will make your audio sound crystal clear, even without acoustic foam panels

While many workers have been forced to return to office buildings and conference rooms, some are still working remotely, either full-time or in a newly introduced hybrid model. Google Meet may not be the essential tool it was two years ago, but the development of features designed to make meetings much more enjoyable isn’t slowing down. For some Workspace customers, automatic echo cancellation is about to get even better.

Dereverberation is coming to Google Meet, designed to automatically remove noise picked up by your microphone from sound bouncing around your environment. If you’re not in a room filled with acoustic foam cushions, you might find your voice echoing through the space, causing a frustrating experience for those on the other side of your call. With its latest update, Meet will do its best to remove these sounds.


It’s a simple update, but one that could prove very useful down the road. If you’re recording a podcast remotely, for example, and a guest calls in to join the show, Meet’s de-reverb effect could bring its audio quality up to par with the rest of the participants.

Unfortunately, this only affects a handful of Workspace account types, specifically Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade and Frontline customers. However, there is good news. If your account belongs to one of these types, you can start using this feature today.

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