Finance Lab offers new investment opportunities

Taylor University seeks to train students to become intuitive, self-taught individuals who take advantage of opportunities to develop personally and professionally. In the Business department, students use the collective knowledge of faculty, mentors and investment professionals around the world to manage Taylor’s $ 6 million endowment.

Collaborative research space

This fall, business students have an even bigger advantage. Located in the Reade Center, the newly refurbished Financial Lab features nine Bloomberg terminals that provide students with access to state-of-the-art software. Additionally, students have access to a suite of financial planning software including MoneyGuidePro, RightCapital, RiskAlyze, AssetMap, and Income Lab. This collaborative space gives students access to investment expertise from around the world in order to make informed investment decisions while deepening their personal experience and portfolio.

“The new Finance Lab provided me with a great opportunity to use Bloomberg terminals for research and to collaborate with my peers, inside and outside the classroom.” Finance said Major Reagan Smith ’23.

Business Department Chair Jody Hirschy and President D. Michael Lindsay cut the ribbon at the Finance Lab in August 2021

Bloomberg technology

Bloomberg Terminals is highly regarded in the business world and widely recognized by investment professionals as the benchmark for market data platform.

When assistant finance professor Justin Heneger started teaching Taylor three years ago, students only had access to one Bloomberg terminal. Now Taylor licenses 12 terminals (nine in the finance lab, one in the library, and two in the professors’ offices), costing around $ 75,000 per year to operate.

The overall expense of terminals is often the reason for their scarcity in colleges and universities. Fortunately, a generous donor covered the cost of machine subscriptions for the next several years. Thanks to Bloomberg terminals, Taylor has once again distinguished itself as a leading business program in the country.

5.6 million endowment

As a community, Taylor University values ​​the intentional stewardship of the resources God has given us, and university finances are a key example.

Students can take a Applied portfolio management course in which they have the chance to manage just around $ 5.6 million of college money through an endowment program. It is not uncommon for universities with an endowment program to allow students to take responsibility for investing real money with real stakes; however, Taylor’s program has one of the highest percentages of student management endowments nationwide.

Henegar said few Indiana universities have given students nearly $ 6 million of their endowment to manage, and an even smaller number of other Midwestern Christian universities have.

The newly renovated financial lab has been particularly useful for the applied portfolio management class. This class accepts 10 students each semester who receive between $ 700,000 and $ 3 million to manage. Each student has privileged access to the Terminals outside of class hours.

“From the perspective of understanding stewardship and our responsibility in stewardship of God’s resources, we have the opportunity, as faculty members, to begin teaching these students the biblical worldview. of the impact of money, in this relationship as steward of Christ’s resources, ”says Henegar.

Students in the class are tasked with thinking about their own investment strategy and monitoring their investments on a weekly basis, guided by the expertise of the finance faculty. At the end of the semester, the class presents its results to the Board of directors.

At the moment, the The applied portfolio management class has yet to put its investment strategy into practice, but the university’s endowment is already up $800,000, with their collective goal of $ 1 million in the near future.

Future investment opportunities

Currently, these Bloomberg terminals can be seen in action in various classes including Foundations of financial planning, applied portfolio risk management and behavioral finance.

Students can also take a mini-course to be officially Bloomberg certified. This is an incredible opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience that will directly apply to their future careers. Henegar says he has personally seen many graduate students land high-profile investment jobs because of their previous experience with Bloomberg terminals.

Learn more about Exceptional Finance, Management, Accounting, and other business-related majors at Taylor University. Schedule your campus visit today, and come and discover the Finance Lab during your personalized visit.

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