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Alternative education programs and operating tax that will not increase the current overall tax rate of the local school district

At Tuesday’s board meeting, the Evergreen Public Schools Board of Trustees approved a resolution on replacement levies for the February 8, 2022 election ballot. district will be asked to vote on alternative education programs and an operating tax that will not increase the overall tax rate of the local school district.

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Although Washington State has assumed greater responsibility for funding basic education, there are still funding gaps. The state allows each school district to claim locally voted levies to cover programs either partially or not at all publicly funded. Evergreen is asking for a replacement tax over three years: $ 1.92 per $ 1,000 of assessed value in the first year, and $ 2.12 in the second and third years. When paired with the school-approved Bond measure and technology tax, it maintains the current local school tax rate of $ 3.89 per $ 1,000 of assessed property value.

As required by the state of Washington, the proposed three-year tax must be designated and reported to the state to be spent on non-basic education categories and directed towards maintenance and operations activities. If passed, the dollar levy will ensure the continuation of athletics and activities; supporting the performing arts such as programs, productions and performances by orchestras, choirs, orchestras and theater; health and safety programs such as additional school nurses, counseling and socio-emotional supports and services, safety and security personnel, and maintaining small class sizes.

“Evergreen continues to effectively and efficiently spend the dollars approved by our constituents. We deliver new and replacement schools authorized by the Bond 2018 measure on time and on budget. We have one of the lowest administrative and central office costs in the state and among peer districts. Even with the COVID protocol requirements for schools, we continue to ensure that money from existing local levies is spent on programs and supports that have a direct impact on students. This focus continues to lead to greater student achievement and some of the highest graduation rates in the region, ”said Board Chair Victoria Bradford.

In 2018, Evergreen voters adopted a $ 695 million capital obligation to replace, rebuild and repair all schools in the district. This resulted in the replacement of six elementary schools, one middle school, two secondary schools and two special schools, as well as the addition of a primary school. 2018 bond funds cannot be used for maintenance and day-to-day operations.

Additional information on the replacement fee will be available on the Evergreen Public Schools website (www.evergreenps.org) and in an information letter to be sent to all homeowners in January 2022.

Information provided by Evergreen Public Schools.

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