Elderly Patient Medication Alert

Wallis Wang

People should closely monitor older people’s use of Covid-19 drugs to make sure they don’t mix drugs or end treatments too soon.

A doctor, Edmond Lam Wing-wo, said yesterday that 10-20% of elderly people in private clinics were refusing to take oral anti-Covid drugs due to concerns about side effects.

“I found that even very old patients don’t suffer from side effects. Some of them only had mild diarrhea or at most feel a little unwell,” Lam said.

He found that some older people stopped taking the drugs once symptoms were gone or their tests were negative before the treatment was finished. “I reminded them not to because an infection can reappear if we fail to remove it completely.”

Lam also said that certain drugs, including cholesterol-lowering drugs and those that treat heart disease, can affect the effectiveness of Covid drugs and therefore their use should be suspended.

Hong Kong yesterday recorded 10,021 cases – 9,869 local infections and 152 imported cases – and eight deaths.

Albert Au Ka-wing of the Center for Health Protection urged people to reduce family gatherings during the Mid-Autumn Festival on Saturday as the number of daily cases rose.

Those with Covid symptoms should not attend rallies, he said, adding that they should undergo PCR tests even if they test negative in rapid tests.

Au said 3,444 cases were reported in 1,169 schools over the weekend, involving 2,864 students and 580 teachers.

He said the higher number of infections in schools was in line with expectations, but the government does not want to suspend face-to-face classes in all schools.

Classes at 12 epidemic schools have been canceled for a week.

Six residences for the elderly and one residence for the disabled have registered eight cases.

New People’s Party Judy Chan Ka-pui is the latest member of the Legislative Council to be infected, bringing the fifth wave count to 15 for Legco.

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