DoE and OECS PEARL Conduct Virtual Consultations for Development of New Primary School Curriculum

The Department of Education, Innovation and Skills Training, in collaboration with the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Program for Educational Advancement and Relevant Learning (OECS PEARL), announces the launch of consultations for the development of a new primary school curriculum, which will take place virtually from June June 7 to Friday June 17, 2022. The public consultations will solicit the views and varied perspectives of stakeholders and interested parties to support the development of the new primary curriculum.

The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Program for the Advancement of Education and Relevant Learning (OECS PEARL) is a four-year program that aims to advance progress towards the goals of the sector strategy. OECS Education (OESS) through increased access and improved student learning in basic education. .

A new curriculum is needed to successfully meet community needs, address current contextual realities, and navigate the dynamic and highly competitive work environments of the future.

Saint Lucia is currently undertaking a primary education review to inform potential changes that will be implemented through an initiative undertaken through its membership in the OECS. Public consultation is essential to identify the skills that need to be emphasized in the curriculum. The Department of Education, Innovation and Skills Training invites students, teachers, principals, parents, education officials, curriculum managers, families, members of the business and creative sectors, advocacy groups and anyone interested in participating in the consultations.

The OECS PEARL is funded by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). With its vision “A quality education for every child”, GPE will help optimize education systems so that all children can learn, including those who are marginalized by poverty, ethnicity, disability and displacement, and puts gender equality at the heart of what the partnership does and how it works (GPE 2025).

The OECS PEARL is primarily implemented in four Global Partnership for Education (GPE) member states: Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, while the other five member states Anglophones from the OECS are involved in some aspects of the implementation. The OECS PEARL consists of four main components: (1) improving the quality and equity of access to early childhood education (ECE); (2) Improved curriculum and assessment; (3) Strengthened leadership and management; and (4) program management, institutional strengthening, monitoring and evaluation.

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