Did you brush your teeth today? Millions of kids don’t have access to basic oral care like a toothbrush and toothpaste, and Crest and Oral-B want to help change that

On this National Brush Day, join Crest and Oral-B in their mission to provide the basics to every child in need to help #ClosingAmericasSmileGap

When it comes to brushing our teeth, we’ve all had to use the “finger brush” as a last resort. But for the millions of children who woke up this morning without access to the basics many of us take for granted, like a toothbrush and toothpaste, it was their only option. Simply put, it’s not how children should brush their teeth. That’s why today, on National Brush Day, Crest and Oral-B are taking another step in the brands’ efforts to close the smile gap in the United States. For every product purchased in November, Crest and Oral-B will donate product to a child who needs it most1.

That’s not how kids should brush their teeth. Join Crest and Oral-B in #ClosingAmericasSmileGap

“I’ve seen firsthand what lack of access to basic oral care needs does to children – not just the physical pain, but the emotions that come with it due to a drop in confidence and fear. ‘missed opportunities,’ said Dr. Franklyn Aguebor, DMD and owner. at the Smile Design dental studio. “It starts every day in their bathrooms without access to basic tools, and extends to their ability to access dental education, care and treatment. Raising awareness of inequalities and putting the basics in children’s hands who need it most is a key first step, and consumers are helping every time they buy Crest and Oral-B products this month.”

Children who don’t have the simple basics like a toothbrush or toothpaste are part of a much bigger problem in America – children in underserved communities simply don’t get the oral care they need . This reality makes their smile health vulnerable, with some children up to 4 times more likely to have poor oral health than their peers.2. The result? Millions of children living with cavities and other preventable oral health conditions that cause them to miss opportunities today and tomorrow. At Crest and Oral-B, they call it The Smile Gap, and they’re committed to closing it.

“We believe that every child has the right to a healthy smile and the opportunities it brings, and we are committed to addressing the issues and barriers that contribute to poor oral health for children in underserved communities – access, education and representation,” said Carlos De Jesus. , senior vice president of oral care, North America at P&G. “Ensuring every child in America has access to oral health basics like toothbrushes and toothpaste is a solvable problem, but effectively reaching children isn’t as easy as it sounds. Until Until the infrastructure is in place, Crest and Oral-B will continue to donate and make available to every child in need the same products that dentists use with their own families, whenever we can. want to make sure every child has a fair chance at a healthy smile today, so their future is not in jeopardy.

In an effort to close the gap between smiles in America by providing oral care to 20 million smiles in need by 2030, Crest and Oral-B have hosted local community events throughout the year. sold in partnership with charities, retailers and hundreds of thousands of dental professionals. at national scale. Each community event offers dental education for children and adults, dental care and screenings, and dental care products for children in underserved communities.

As part of their efforts to raise awareness of the “Smile Gap”, Crest and Oral-B have launched a provocative new creative campaign to coincide with National Brushing Day – a day focused on the importance of brushing children’s teeth, which is hard to do if you don’t have the tools you need. The campaign shines a light on the harsh reality that children without access to basics like a toothbrush and toothpaste endure every day. The goal is to disrupt people’s complacency on the issue of underserved children not getting the oral care they need. The launch video can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OdY5-Gfhtg

For more information on how to join forces with Crest and Oral-B in #ClosingAmericasSmileGap, please visit http://spr.ly/CASG

About the crest

A trusted leader in oral health, Crest was the first oral care brand to earn the ADA Seal of Acceptance for a clinically proven fluoride toothpaste. Since the introduction of fluoride toothpaste 65 years ago, Crest is believed to have helped prevent countless cavities in the United States.

About Oral-B

Oral-B is the global leader in the $5 billion+ brushing market. Part of the Procter & Gamble company, the brand includes manual and electric toothbrushes for children and adults, oral irrigators and interdental products, such as dental floss.

About Procter & Gamble

P&G serves consumers worldwide with one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality leading brands, including Always, Ambi Pur, Ariel, Bounty, Charmin, Crest, Dawn, Downy, Fairy, Febreze, Gain, Gillette , Head & Shoulders, Lenor, Olay, Oral-B, Pampers, Pantene, SKII, Tide, Vicks and Whisper. The P&G community includes operations in approximately 70 countries around the world. Please visit http://www.pg.com for the latest news and information about P&G and its brands.

1 Crest & Oral-B will donate up to 500,000 products purchased in November. The product purchased is not guaranteed to be the same product that will be given

2 Explaining racial/ethnic disparities in children’s dental health: a decomposition analysis. Guarnizo-Herreno & Wehby

Source: Procter & Gamble

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