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Various partners in the education sector are currently organizing a first national Kinyarwanda reading competition for students, aiming, among other things, to promote reading and writing for local language content, as well as to identify authoring talents. among young people.

Organized by the Federation of Writers of Rwanda (RWF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Council of Basic Education of Rwanda (RBEB) and the Pan-African Movement of Rwanda (PAM-Rwanda), the competition brings together up to ‘to 1,000 primary and secondary schools in 20 districts of the country.

The competition between students from various schools started earlier this month at the local level, and this week it will take place at the district level, before moving on to the provincial level, after which the winners will be declared at an event. which will take place at the Palais des Congrès in Kigali on December 18th.

Talk to New times, Richard Hategekimana, president of RWF, said that they had launched the competition as a way to try to fill the gaps among young people when it comes to the use of Kinyarwanda, where for example a good number of students failed their national Kinyarwanda exams.

“We must mobilize them to have a culture of reading and writing in Kinyarwanda,” he said.

He stressed that the competition can be used as a way to detect authoring talents among young people, in order to have writers who will publish more books in the local language.

“If you go to various libraries and institutions today, you will find very few books in Kinyarwanda there. We want to use such a competition to detect talent among Rwandan students, and see if we can find any who are interested in writing, so that they can be trained in this regard, ”he said.

Anathalie Nyirandagijimana, head of the teacher training program at RBEB who is also the focal person of the Ministry of Education in the competition told this newspaper that the competition not only motivates students to learn Kinyarwanda and speak it fluently, but it also instills Rwandan values ​​in them.

“The books that have been chosen for this reading competition have good content with regard to our values ​​of integrity, love of work, among others,” she said.

Sheja Gwiza, P5 student at Blooming Buds, a school that won the sector level competition in Kacyiru – Kigali said: “

“This contest helps children like me to learn more about Kinyarwanda, to understand it better. It also helps me learn to speak out loud and gain self-confidence.

Her counterparts Janna Sangwa and Cyusa Mugisha from the same school (P5 students) who also triumphed at the sector level noted that the competition gives them confidence to speak in public, and even learn to speak more languages.

Colleta Nikuze, Kinyarwanda teacher in Kigali, said learning Kinyarwanda and the values ​​that go with the language prepares children and makes them realize “that they are Rwandan” to be better worthy people. for the society.

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