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A sign points to Fort Collins City Hall at 300 Laporte Avenue on November 8, 2020 (Skyler Pradhan | The Collegian)

The Fort Collins city council meeting on October 19 discussed options to establish 1,041 bylaws, which includes a moratorium, with many Fort Collins residents speaking during the public commentary on this article.

The discussion topics of the board meeting also included rules and procedures for board meetings and the development of Northfield. The final point of discussion, the The call for the Sam’s Club gas station has been postponed until January 18, 2022. There was also two consent points withdrawn for further discussion.

During the public comments, many Fort Collins residents expressed their views on the moratorium, including their fears of passing it while others focused on the benefits.

The majority of the council meeting focused on the second reading of two ordinances that had to do with the establishment of 1041 regulations, which apply to new / expanded domestic water, highways and interchanges.

Originally there was three options for adopting the moratorium, and CLawyer Carrie Daggett mentioned a fourth option which has been incorporated into the language of the ordinance and adopted.

Option 1: The council passes the ordinance and the moratorium takes effect immediately and would last for one year.

Option 2: Council is delaying ordinance until June 7, 2022, and City staff would begin community engagement and drafting of bylaws. If the ordinance were passed in June, it would last six months.

Option 3: The advice would not include a moratorium and would postpone the order indefinitely.

The fourth option that has been chosen includes a moratorium being put into effect immediately and lasting until council adopts by-law 1041.

The reading of Ordinance No. 122, which includes the moratorium, was voted on 6-1 with District 4 council member Shirley Peel voting against.

This gives the local government control over development projects taking place in natural areas or parks, even if the project has statewide impacts.

“When we started this I thought 1041 powers or regulations are a great tool in our toolbox, as (board member) Kelly (Ohlson) says,” Peel said. “I still don’t think we understand the unintended consequences of this.”

The second ordinance, n ° 123 (“Appropriation of the reserves of the previous year to support the completion of the draft by-law 1041”), carried on a 6-1 vote, Peel against.

The next point discussed was the rules and procedures for board meetings. One of the changes made was that a speaker cannot comment during the discussion of a particular agenda item if they have also spoken about it during general public comments.

Another change to the rules and procedures of the meeting was the language used, removing the use of “his or her” in favor of “they”.

Both the ordinance and the resolution were passed. 4-3, with Ohlson, Peel and board member Susan Gutowsky voting against.

The penultimate point of discussion was “the approval of the first amendment to the agreement to secure public benefits for the development of Northfield”.

The Northfield developer has partnered with Housing of Mercy provide affordable rental housing, which would 64 units in total. This amendment provides affordable housing in location, and it went 7-0.

The first of the two elements of consent was N ° 14, “Making an appointment with the Planning and Zoning Commission”. The resolution for this point of consent came in a 5-2 vote, with Ohlson and Gutowsky against.

The second item was No. 11, “Items relating to the purchase and sale contract for Land owned by the City at 3620, chemin Kechter. ” The two ordinances associated with this article were # 137 and # 138, both adopted 7-0.

For a full meeting or to view the voting results, go to City website.

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