Celebrating school year ends with landmark graduation ceremony

As Grade 7 enters high school from 2022, today also marks the largest public primary school graduation in South Australian history, as 28,000 students in grades 6 and 7 bid farewell in their primary years.

Education Minister John Gardner said it was a historic moment for public schools in South Australia.

“From 2022, South Australia will align with the rest of the country and offer Grade 7 high school.

“This is a very important moment for us because it means that our 7th year students will be mentored by specialist teachers at specialist institutions, giving them access to the Australian curriculum as it was designed to be delivered.

“The change has been an important undertaking for elementary and secondary schools and their work in preparing students and schools for the change has been important and appreciated. “

Minister Gardner said that Marshall’s Liberal government’s record $ 1.4 billion investment in school infrastructure is helping pave the way for the move, alongside a series of measures to ensure schools, teachers and the students are ready for high school.

“Marshall’s Liberal government has invested in state-of-the-art educational infrastructure to ensure that high quality learning areas are available to students.

“This record investment provides the government with a huge boost in construction jobs. It includes over a hundred major upgrades and five brand new schools including those in Angle Vale, Aldinga, Goolwa and Whyalla that are ready to welcome their new families in semester 1 2022.

“We have also invested $ 13 million in professional learning and additional resources to build skills, capacities and staff readiness for the move from 7 to high school. “

Other measures to support the transition from 7th to secondary include the hiring of additional permanent secondary teachers and transition days for students to familiarize themselves with their new learning environments.

Minister Gardner said it is a remarkable achievement to arrive at the end of the school year with virtually no interruption to classroom instruction due to COVID-19.

“South Australians have done a fantastic job managing the spread of COVID-19 and helping to minimize disruption.

“Thank you to all of our staff who have done an incredible job educating and caring for the youth of South Australia. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

“Well done to the students and to all the parents. I hope the holidays provide many opportunities to relax with the family and make special memories.

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