Candidate Questions and Answers: Frisco ISD Place 2

Learn more about the candidates for Seat 2 on the Frisco ISD Board of Directors ahead of the May 7 election.

Candidates’ responses may have been edited for length, style and clarity.

Holders are indicated by an asterisk


Early voting will take place from April 25 to May 3.

Why are you running for election?

My reason for running is student success. The Texas Constitution states that we will provide all children with a free and equitable public education. FISD is a destination neighborhood because our number one priority is student success. The pandemic hasn’t changed that. Instead, to name just a few of FISD’s achievements, we’ve added curricula, opened Secondary School #11, increased salaries, provided alternative learning platforms, increased education programs tax, reduced taxes and implemented the community responsibility system.

What are the biggest challenges facing Frisco ISD? How do you plan to solve these problems?

Bad policies created during several presidential administrations have removed the trust and respect of public schools. After two decades of politically-created disruption, educators are exhausted. We are losing teachers to other careers or retiring faster than colleges earn degrees in education. I plan to continue to advocate for incentives for students to get into teaching and to evolve the system of community accountability. CBAS restores the culture of respect for education by uniting the community.

If elected, what would be your top priorities?

1. Student success is always number one. 2. Cultivate an engaging culture to retain educators in education. 3. Evolve our community accountability system 4. Increase opportunities and compensation for our special education paraprofessionals.

What new ideas or programs would you like the district to explore?

I would love to see us provide more opportunities for lacrosse as it is a growing sport for many of our kids in Frisco. I would also like to see us expand our programming for gifted/talented (G/T) students at the K-8 levels.

Why are you running for election?

My main concern is to ensure that the doors of communication remain open by acting as your liaison to bridge the gap between families and FISD. FISD recently changed its policy which now prohibits the discussion of non-agenda items during the public comment section of school board meetings. With over 65,000 students from all over the world, our parents have a lot to offer. A community night is not the same as a school board meeting.

What are the biggest challenges facing Frisco ISD? How do you plan to solve these problems?

One area we need to re-examine is our current technology program. Entry-level junior high technology courses miss the mark when we rate today’s competitive world. First graders already know how to access the Internet and interact with technology. Every career your child will pursue will require a solid understanding of technology. To stay competitive in college and as a country, technology must be taught from day one through graduation.

If elected, what would be your top priorities? [and] We need our teachers! Hours of work, compensation, vacations, additional helpers/trainees, support staff and job satisfaction are all topics that require our immediate attention…

expanding the current technology curriculum that recognizes the need for daily instruction. With over 65,000 students, I think we should consider expanding the current school board meetings from once to twice a month similar to the Frisco City Council.

[I would like to see a] What new ideas or programs would you like the district to explore? [to] Summer Bookmobile Reading Program; [to] introduce technology lessons in primary school; [a] increase current technology credits for high school graduation; [to] lunchtime leadership program that brings students together; additional software on school-provided laptops; during summer, [to] converting schools into centers of technology and learning; [to] examine how we can better support our teachers; [to] develop corporate sponsorships for first-year internship opportunities; [and] provide cross-training for teachers and staff for our students with ADHD and autism;

improvements to the current handling of incidents involving bullying.

Why are you running for election? [critical race theory] We live in Frisco, which has a highly rated school district. Given the media attention on

influence in education, I contacted our current board to inquire about this. Those who responded made statements such as “It is illegal to teach CRT”. and would simply not share their views on the controversial topic. As I investigated further, I discovered that the CRT influenced the way the district educated its students, and I decided to introduce myself.

What are the biggest challenges facing Frisco ISD? How do you plan to solve these problems?

Retaining our excellent teachers through increased compensation and reduced red tape is paramount. Additionally, FISD must promote academic policies that prepare all students for success in life. The District must teach all of our students that they will be competing with people from all over the world in this global economy, and that excellence and being the best, regardless of race, is the standard by which they will be judged.

If elected, what would be your top priorities?

My top priority would be to bring excellence back to the district and make FISD the standard by which other districts are measured. We would do this by setting clear and high standards for our students, attracting the best education professionals in the country, and ensuring open communication with parents about district policies and curriculum.

What new ideas or programs would you like the district to explore? [Career and Technical Education Center] I would like to explore other ways for the district to partner with area businesses and the city to create additional opportunities for our students. I would like to see the district develop courses in plumbing, HVAC and auto mechanics for [to create] and partner with our local businesses for advanced training and employment

an education-to-work pipeline that benefits our students as well as our business partners.

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