Building the future through knowledge

Future political leaders, take note: a tech hub/incubator/accelerator goes beyond converting derelict buildings into a place where people gather and use computers. The most important element for incubating or accelerating a modern business is knowledge, long before capital and these buildings.

Interestingly, I don’t believe in those special buildings that governments build to turn young people into geeks or creators. For me, if a leader does what is expected of him, these buildings will rise. In other words, you don’t have to worry because investors, opportunity seekers, etc. will come looking for the latent opportunities you have activated.

Your job is clear: focus on providing electricity, security, decent basic education, etc. – and leave the rest to the markets. Nobody told Microsoft to open a development center in Nigeria. Nobody told Google. And nobody told Amazon. In the past, President Obasanjo went to Microsoft and asked them to come, but nothing happened. But today we’ve laid the groundwork (via broadband connectivity, payment systems, talent pool, etc.) and they’re here.

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If the government concentrates on its job, good things will happen.

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